How to Get a Thicker & Fuller Head of Hair Fast

According to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of men will experience some hair loss or their hair will thin once they reach the age of 35. Women make up 40% of hair loss sufferers in America, too. As you can see, this is a problem that affects both genders. So, is there anything you can do to make your hair thicker and fuller quickly?

Because hair loss and thinning is such a common problem, there are dozens of treatment options to consider. Researchers and scientists alike have formulated over-the-counter products designed to encourage hair growth and thickening.

There are also some all-natural solutions available. Sometimes, getting thicker hair could be as simple as making a few lifestyle changes. From genetics to poor diet, to the hair care products you use, many factors could potentially play into why your hair is thin in the first place. Once you figure out the cause(s), you have a better shot at reversing the problem.

Your hair is growing all the time. Will you be able to see a visible change overnight? It’s not likely. However, there are things you can do to improve thickness and fullness immediately. As you start introducing these solutions, you will probably notice a few healthy changes quickly to how your hair looks and feels.

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Is it Possible to Thicken My Hair in One Day?

It’s possible to give your hair the nutrients it needs to become thicker and fuller and encourage growth. You may not notice that fullness for several days, or even weeks. But, you can get started right away when it comes to treating your hair and scalp.

This article will focus on several different ways you can help to encourage hair growth, restoring the fullness to your locks. We will also focus on a few of the problems that can cause thinning and breakage. This will give you a better idea as to what you can do to restore your healthy mane.

What Are the Common Causes of Hair Loss & Thinning?

Men and women experience hair thinning for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes it’s a quick fix. Other times, it may take a more serious solution to get things back on track. Some of the most common problems associated with thinning hair include:

  • Physical stress
  • Pregnancy/hormones
  • Not enough protein
  • Genetics
  • Emotional stress
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Autoimmune issues
  • Certain medications
  • Over-styling
  • Iron deficiency

Obviously, other factors come into play. But, these are some of the most common issues people experience when their hair begins to thin or fall out. The type of treatment you need may greatly depend on what’s causing the problem in the first place.

Some people want to overcome thin hair after menopause, or to make their hair fuller after quitting smoking. Others want solutions for specific types of hair, like how to thicken African American hair. This article will look at several different solutions for all types of hair and situations.

When Your Hair Keeps Falling Out or Breaking Due to Stress

Stress is one of the most common factors associated with hair loss, thinning, or breakage. In many cases, it’s not necessarily ongoing stress that causes the problem, but a stressful or traumatic event. The thinning can occur anywhere from several weeks to several months after the event itself. So, you may not recognize that the event is causing the problem. It’s important to be aware of this timeline, so you have a better idea of how to fight back against it.

The temporary hair loss caused by stress is called telogen effluvium. The same name is used for hair loss during pregnancy, due to hormonal changes, or poor diet. There are several quick steps you can take in reducing your stress levels. The good news? Most thinning hair due to stress is reversible once you know how to manage and lower your anxiety levels. Use the following tips to keep your stress under control.

  1. Meditate – Many people can be intimidated by meditation or deep breathing exercises. However, meditation can be whatever you want it to be. Simply sit quietly for several minutes. Focus on your thoughts, your breathing, and avoid distraction. You may even benefit from quietly repeating an encouraging phrase to yourself. It can become a part of your daily routine.
  2. Exercise – Physical fitness can play a huge role in reducing stress. Any form of exercise can help your brain to release endorphins. This causes you to feel less depressed, and may even make you feel more energetic.
  3. Play your favorite music – Music is extremely powerful. Calming music can lower blood pressure and anxiety, and even slow your heart rate. Keep some soft music on throughout the day, and you could lower your stress without even realizing it at the time.
  4. Talk it out – One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are feeling anxious is that they keep it to themselves. Find a network of people you can talk to (usually family or friends). When you’re able to talk about your problems and feel supported, it can automatically lower any anxious thoughts and feelings.

Best Shampoos for Re-Growth and Thickening

Because thinning hair is such a problem, several different shampoos on the market aim to put a stop to it. One of the best is ArtNaturals Argan Oil Shampoo. Argan oil is used for a variety of different scalp conditions.

This particular shampoo not only makes your hair look and feel fuller. It encourages new hair growth and works to prevent your hair from falling out by making it stronger. It contains antioxidants and proteins that help to open up and strengthen your follicles, making it harder for hair to fall out in the first place.

Another popular thickening shampoo is Paul Mitchell’s Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo. Paul Mitchell is a trusted brand in the salon world. This shampoo uses lightweight thickening elements in its formula.

These ingredients help to pump up the volume of your hair. It also contains Panthenol. This ingredient helps to strengthen hair that is prone to breaking or has become damaged. It will reduce the occurrence of split ends. Stronger hair is less likely to break and fall out. As your hair becomes stronger, it will also appear fuller and thicker. Here are Our top 10 shampoos for split ends.

Salon Hair Thickening Products

Aside from shampoos, there are other salon-quality products designed to thicken hair. Many of these are considered to be styling agents you use in addition to specialized shampoos. Consider them supplements for your hair to restore it back to its natural health.

One of the best thickening products is Living Proof Full Thickening Cream. This product is sulfate-free, oil-free, and is safe for all hair types, including color-treated hair. Living Proof deposits a thickening agent onto each strand of hair. It helps to create a volumizing boost that lasts and makes your hair look and feel fuller. What’s the best part? It only takes a very small amount of this cream to make your hair look fuller.

Another great salon-style option for making your locks look fuller is Ultrax Labs Caffeine Thickening Treatment. This product doesn’t just make your hair look thicker, and it actually works to strengthen it using the power of caffeine.

You simply leave the serum in your hair, and it ‘wakes up’ the follicles to encourage healthy hair growth. It’s safe and effective for both men and women who have thinning hair, or balding. If you’re not just looking for volume and want to grow new hair, this is a great product.

Natural Solutions to Get Longer Hair

If you don’t want to invest in shampoos or salon products, consider a natural approach to strengthening your follicles. We’ll cover two of the most popular natural solutions here: Coconut oil, and essential oils. Of course, there are many home remedies that people swear by. These include everything from a raw egg hair mask to avocado. You’ll even find recipes for different conditioning treatments using household items all over the Internet.

But, not many remedies work quite as well as coconut oil and other essential oils. They are great natural options that make it easy to combat the effects of other hair products.

Sometimes, using products that contain certain chemicals or preservatives can cause a lot of damage to your hair and scalp. So, if you’re trying to avoid these chemicals, going all-natural with a hair-thickening solution can be very beneficial. Let’s take a closer look at how these natural treatments work for revitalizing hair growth. What’s the best part? Because they are natural, you can use them often with no negative side effects.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has grown in popularity in the world of health. However, it’s also used in many beauty and cosmetic treatments as a natural solution. There are many ways you can use coconut oil to benefit your hair and scalp. What makes it work so well to thicken your hair?

It contains essential fatty acids and vitamins necessary for healthy hair growth. Additionally, coconut oil can help to remove sebum buildup from your scalp. Often, it’s excess sebum that ‘suffocates’ the follicles of your hair, making it difficult to grow.

When that sebum is removed, your follicles will become stronger again, and your hair can grow normally. The vitamins within coconut oil will also help to nourish the scalp. A healthy scalp is always a great base for healthy hair.

To use coconut oil as a treatment option to get fuller, longer hair, try the following steps:

  1. Make sure your hair is clean before applying coconut oil. Use a hair thickening shampoo or a natural shampoo with no harsh chemicals for best results.
  2. Melt a small amount of extra virgin organic coconut oil. You can do this over a gentle simmer on the stove. Or, fill a large bowl with warm water, and place a smaller bowl on top of it. Place a dollop of the coconut oil in the small bowl, and wait for it to melt slowly.
  3. Use a comb to gently remove any tangles from your hair before applying the oil.
  4. Massage the melted coconut oil into your scalp. Be sure to rub it in all over evenly for best results.
  5. Wrap your head in a cotton towel or cloth. Leave the oil in your hair for several hours or overnight. Rinse out with warm water.

Increasing the thickness and fullness of hair

Essential Oils

Essential oils all contain different properties. While many people use them for medicinal purposes, they too have found their way into the world of beauty and cosmetics. Most essential oils that help with hair growth and fullness work by improving blood circulation. They can also help to stimulate your hair follicles, which encourages healthy growth.

If you’re experiencing issues with a dry scalp, like dandruff or flaking, many of the oils listed here can also help to reduce those negative symptoms. Keep in mind that these essential oils are extremely potent.

While you should always choose 100% natural, organic oils, you should also be sure to use a carrier oil of some kind. Some of the most popular carrier oils are olive oil or jojoba. Just a drop or two of the essential oil in the carrier will be effective.

Some of the most popular and effective essential oils for thicker hair include:

  • Lavender oil – Improves blood circulation and moisturizes the scalp. Has antimicrobial properties.
  • Rosemary – Contains antioxidants that can prevent thinning of the hair.
  • Cedarwood – Balances the sebaceous glands on the scalp, so they don’t produce too much oil.
  • Thyme – Rejuvenates hair follicles and promotes new, healthy growth.
  • Peppermint – Increases blood flow and stimulates follicles. Also, peppermint helps to unclog pores for the normal flow of skin cells.
  • Tea tree – This is found in many dandruff-reducing products. Tea tree oil moisturizes the scalp and helps to unclog pores.

You can either choose to use one of the essential oils from this list or combine several into different treatments. Before you make a decision, do your research on how to apply it correctly. It’s unlikely that you’ll experience any negative side effects from these oils when they are used properly. So, if you are prone to thinning hair, they can be a regular maintenance option you can depend on.

Vitamins to Thicken Hair

Hair is a great indicator of health. If you have dry, brittle hair, or hair that breaks and is falling out, it could be a sign that you’re not getting the nutrients you need. Vitamin deficiencies are a common cause of hair thinning. Making up those deficiencies through diet or supplements can make a difference.

While the best thing you can do is eat a nutritious diet and take a multivitamin supplement, three specific vitamins are essential for thick, healthy hair. The best vitamins to consider include the following:

  • Biotin – Biotin (Vitamin B7) is one of the best nutrients for thick hair. It helps to break down proteins. This is critical in the strengthening and overall structure of your hair. It also helps to protect your hair from damage from the sun, chemicals, over-styling, etc. Without enough biotin in your diet, your hair will likely become dry and brittle. You can choose to take a Vitamin B7 supplement or increase your intake of biotin by eating more eggs and nuts.
  • Vitamin C – You may reach for this vitamin when you have a cold, but it’s also great for hair growth. Many times, lackluster tresses are due to an iron deficiency. You can always take more iron, but if your body isn’t absorbing it properly, it won’t do much good. Vitamin C helps your body to absorb iron easily. It also increases your body’s production of collagen, which is necessary for a strong hair structure. Citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, and tomatoes are all great sources of this antioxidant.
  • Niacin – Vitamin B3 may be the most crucial vitamin for hair thickness. It helps to repair DNA and maintain healthy skin cells for regrowth and repair. You can include more niacin in your diet by increasing your intake of dairy products and lean meats.

While these vitamins are important, a well-rounded nutritional plan is a key to maintaining healthy, thick hair. Be sure you’re getting as many vitamins as possible to ensure your hair is getting the nutrients it needs for overall health and growth.

Woman with thick and full hair

Tips for Growing Healthy Hair Quickly

Many times, lifestyle changes and choices can affect the way your hair grows. Whether you want longer hair or just thicker and fuller hair, making the right choices can make all the difference. Follow these helpful tips to get the locks you’ve always wanted without having to use any expensive products.

  1. Choose shampoos that are sulfate-free. If you go to a salon with dry, brittle hair, your stylist will likely recommend this. Thankfully, there are several great options. More shampoos are being formulated with natural ingredients, due to the high-demand.
  2. Wash your hair less frequently. Even gentle shampoos can dry out your scalp and cause your hair to become brittle. If you do shampoo your hair every day, be sure to follow it up with some moisturizing agent.
  3. Protect your hair. We don’t often think about the external factors that can affect our tresses. Everything from UV rays to cold temperatures can damage your hair. Try to avoid swimming pools that are filled with chemicals, and use a UV protectant on your hair. Additionally, don’t use hair ties that are tight, or style your hair into high, tight up-dos. The looser your locks, the better.
  4. If you can, avoid dyeing your hair. Everyone wants to cover up gray spots, and some people even want to try vibrant colors. Unfortunately, most hair dyes contain harmful chemicals that can strip your hair of nutrients. Look for natural alternatives or temporary dyes that won’t damage your scalp.
  5. Give yourself a scalp massage frequently. You don’t need to go to a spa or a professional for this to be effective. A few minutes of massaging your scalp can improve circulation and stimulate hair follicles. Plus, it feels great and can be incredibly relaxing.

How to Get Long and Thick Hair in One Month

It may not be possible to see visible growth in your hair overnight. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve the health of your hair and allow it to look and feel fuller quickly. Many of the solutions listed in this article will offer fast results.

Whether you need to switch hair products, make different lifestyle choices, or try natural solutions, there are many ways to bring vibrant life back to your hair. Be sure to keep your overall health in mind as you look at what might be causing your scalp/hair problems. Again, hair can be a great indicator of something else going on. Sometimes the simplest changes can make the biggest difference in how your mane looks and feels.

Some conditions like male pattern baldness, alopecia, etc., may take special treatment. In some cases, they may not be reversible. For the most part, though, the solutions listed here can make a difference. Once you figure out what is causing hair loss and thinning in the first place, you’ll have a better idea how to treat it effectively.

Here are some home remedies that increase hair thickness.

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