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Five Tips To Avoid Your Scalp From Flaking

Woman washing her hair

You may think that the people scratching their itchy and flaking scalps on TV adverts exaggerate until you have suffered from this condition. Flaking scalp is a battle that is unbearable and embarrassing when you have to scratch your scalp in front of other people. To find out how to prevent your scalp from flaking, […]

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How to Easily Get Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) Out of Your Hair

will vinegar remove vaseline from hair?

Originally called wonder jelly, petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is a mixture of natural waxes and mineral oils that locks moisture into the skin. This mixture of oils and minerals commonly moisturizes lips and skin in order to repair it and relieve dryness. Unfortunately, Vaseline can sometimes end up in your hair. If this has happened to […]

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How to Clean Hairbrushes and Combs Properly

What do you soak hair brushes in?

Our hair is subject to wear and tear each day. So, we need to look after it as best we can. Something you may not consider as often is the cleanliness of hairbrushes and combs. This is such a crucial part of your haircare routine, but it is commonly forgotten about or ignored. Maybe you wash […]

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How to Stop Compulsive Scalp Picking

scalp picking hair loss

‘Excoriation disorder’ is the medical term used to diagnose compulsive skin picking. People with this condition pick at the skin on their arms, legs, face, hands, torso and/or scalp. Approximately 5% of the population have excoriation disorder. A sizable proportion will be picking at the scalp. Scalp picking is a maladaptive behavior that provides a […]

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Natural Ways to Remove Chlorine from Hair

How to fix swimmer's hair at home

Swimming is fun, but the chlorine in public pools can do your hair a lot of damage. Swimmer’s hair is likely the result of just a few weeks in public pools. While you’re enjoying the pool or hot tub, the effects of chlorine don’t cross your mind. You and your friends splash up all kinds […]

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10 Reasons Why Washing the Hair with Beer is Highly Beneficial

what are the benefits of a beer hair rinse?

The idea of beer shampoos and conditioners is gaining in popularity. But, if someone asks you what shampoo you use, and if your reply is, “beer,” you may get a few strange looks. With that said, Catherine Zeta-Jones believes in washing the hair with beer as well. In fact, she’s been a fan for a […]

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How to Deep Cleanse the Hair with Baking Soda (with Step-by-Step Guide)

Can you put baking soda in your hair to make it less greasy?

Caring for the hair never goes out of season, so it’s safe to say, most women are on top of their personal care and hair game. You look for ways in which to get the job done with minimal effort and cost because looking your best is essential. Also, you’re likely staying away from pesticides, […]

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How to Make Your Scalp Smell Good (without Washing)

how to freshen hair without washing

You can make your scalp smell good without shampooing it. But, why does your scalp smell so bad? One of the main reasons is a sweaty scalp. Everyone has their own unique hair odor. It’s perfectly normal for people who exercise regularly, work outside in the heat, have a high fever, etc to sweat. If dirt, grime, […]

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Hair Stuck to Scalp After Using Relaxer [Here’s What You Must Do]

how long does it take to heal?

Relaxers are chemically-based treatments created to straighten black hair. It changes the texture of the hair. There are two kinds of relaxers: No-lye relaxer and a lye-based relaxer. The no-lye brand is made with potassium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide. Lye-based relaxers contain sodium hydroxide. Curly hair is straightened by breaking down the hair shaft’s bond. […]

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How to Stop Excessive Scalp Sweating

Different remedies for excessive head sweating

Everyone sweats throughout the day, and some perspire more than others. But, excessive sweating on the scalp can become a problem. Not only is it embarrassing, but it can lead to foul odors and dirty-looking hair. It may even be a sign of an underlying health problem. Thankfully, there are different ways to stop your […]

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Bleach Burn on Scalp – Treatment for Irritation, Blisters, & Scabs

Healing burns after bleaching the hair at home

The problem with wanting to look your best is that you sometimes put yourself in embarrassing and painful situations. Being beautiful takes work, and it’s not as easy as some folks may think. Unfortunately, some pay the price for a new look, such as a bleach burn on the scalp. How much so, depends on […]

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What Does Peppermint Oil Do for the Scalp?

Does peppermint oil help with hair growth?

Most of us are familiar with the benefits of peppermint oil for curing illnesses but know little about what it can do for the scalp. Peppermint is extracted before it sprouts. It is drawn straight from the ground, so it’s pure and 100 percent natural. Of course, the leading ingredient in peppermint oil is menthol. […]

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10 Reasons Why My Scalp Feels Tight and Sore

What causes scalp sensitivity?

Scalp tightness and tingling could be due to many factors. Sometimes, dry and cold weather can cause the scalp to feel tight and itchy. Other times, it’s something internal like a tension headache or a stress-related problem. Because there are so many reasons why you’re experiencing tight head muscles and dizziness, it’s crucial to narrow […]

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12 Hair Care Tips for Winter Weather that Stylists Recommend

How to look after hair in cold weather

During the winter, hair care requires an entirely different approach. You can expect snow, sleet, rain, freezing winds, and artificial heat. This will cause damage to the hair and scalp, so we’re going to provide you with some hair care tips for the winter season. All adverse conditions hurt the hair. Men and women struggle with breakage, […]

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What Does Biotin Do for the Hair and Skin?

Does biotin help with hair growth?

Biotin does miraculous things for the body, nails, hair, and skin. It is also better known as vitamin H or vitamin B7. This means “Haar” which is another word for skin and hair. It is said to have multiple benefits which include treating thinning hair, shedding, and damage to the hair. If the body doesn’t […]

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What Does Folic Acid Do for the Hair?

Are you vitamin B9 deficient?

Folic acid, also called folate, helps the cells in the body to perform their work and tissues to grow. These tissues, in particular, are organs, nails, hair, and skin. Not a lot of people know how to use folic acid to grow hair, but it can be quite useful. The benefits may surprise you. Folic […]

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Is Taking a Sauna Good or Bad for the Hair?

Hair protection tips when using the sauna

There are many conditions which will affect the hair. These include the environment, the weather, and common styling techniques. But what about the effects of taking a sauna? Is it possible the steam room could damage the hair? Is there a difference between a sauna and a steam room? Steam has multiple advantages but under […]

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How to Protect the Hair from Rain and Humidity

Protecting hair from rainwater

When the humidity is high or when it’s pouring with rain, it can turn your hair into a frizzy mess. The hair takes in the rainwater and expands. How do you protect the hair during the ‘extremes’ of the different seasons? When living in a place where it frequently rains, protecting the hair isn’t easy. […]

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What Happens When You Sleep with Wet Hair?

Don't go to bed when your hair is wet

What happens when you go to bed with wet hair? Well, just like the skin, it undergoes changes which only seem to happen overnight. Some people prefer to get up in the mornings and start the day with fresh and clean hair. It saves time in the mornings if nothing else. On the other hand, […]

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18 Proven Ways to Get Less Greasy Hair without Washing

Put a stop to oily hair fast

Some people tend to be more prone to greasy hair than others. This can be a result of a scalp that produces more oils, the products we choose, our environment, or the lifestyle choices we make. No matter what the cause for your greasy, oily hair, we can all agree on one thing: No one […]

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Is It Better to Comb Hair When Wet or Dry?

How to Comb Wet Hair without Breakage

While the hair must meet the comb, is it better to do it when it’s wet or dry? Depending on who you are, the answer will be “wet.” Ask someone else, and they will say “dry.” The main purpose of combing the hair wet is to smooth out tangles before drying. It’s easier to get […]

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How to Comb Natural [African-American] Hair without Breakage

Avoid damaging African-American through combing

African-American women face challenges when caring for their hair and scalp. This includes how to comb natural hair without breakage. If you ask someone about their biggest concerns, they will likely tell you that it’s hair damage and finding ways to ‘correct’ the problem. What we found, however, is African-American women may not be using […]

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Why Do I Have Itchy Scalp When I Wear a Beanie or Hat?

man wearing a beanie has an scalp that itches

My scalp is itchy!  But, why does it itch so much when I wear a beanie, hat or helmet?  I can’t even put on a visor without experiencing itchiness. I scratch and I scratch… it’s horrible! What could it be irritating my scalp so much? Even those who don’t have dandruff, itch like crazy. The […]

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How to Protect Hair from Split Ends And Breakage

How to repair damaged hair overnight

Split ends – also known as trichoptilosis – can make otherwise healthy hair feel straggly, straw-like and dry. Anyone can be affected whether you have thick Afro hair or thin and straight locks. If you’re suffering from split ends, your hair can be unmanageable and weak – it may even start to break off. Once […]

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How to Repair Split Ends without Cutting Your Hair

How to remove split ends without getting a hair cut

Split ends are a problem which can affect all hair types. Whether long or short, blonde or brunette, thick or thin – all hair can suffer from damage without the right care. Split ends – formally known as trichoptilosis – can make otherwise healthy hair feel like straw. Hair can become difficult to style, and […]

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