Five Tips To Avoid Your Scalp From Flaking

You may think that the people scratching their itchy and flaking scalps on TV adverts exaggerate until you have suffered from this condition. Flaking scalp is a battle that is unbearable and embarrassing when you have to scratch your scalp in front of other people.

To find out how to prevent your scalp from flaking, you’ll need to understand the conditions’ triggers and be aware of the presence of microorganisms. Also, you need to apply certain hair products.

Here are a few guidelines on how you can care for your scalp and prevent flaking.

Table of Contents:

1.    Avoid mixing products from dissimilar companies

You might be tempted to try products from diverse makes because you like experimenting or don’t like the results from one product, but this may not be a good idea. Most of the products from diverse brands don’t work well together. They may not blend–forming a white residue that can’t be absorbed by the skin, causing your skin to dry and flake. Additionally, products with a lengthy list of synthetic ingredients don’t typically mix well with others.

To prevent flaking, you should consider mixing new products and applying them at the back of your palm first to see if they can mix. If they blend well, you’ll notice that they easily penetrate the skin without leaving a trace. However, if they form a white cream that is problematic to absorb, then you should not use the products together. Be careful with the amount of product that you put on your skin. Always ensure you follow the product’s directions to avoid it in excess as your hair can become oily, sticky, and develop flakes.

2.     Wash your scalp and hair habitually

Woman washing her hair

Failing to clean your hair and scalp regularly can lead to dirt build-up and excess oil. Consider using a reliable hydrating shampoo to help fight flakes. Also, you can apply an anti-dandruff shampoo to solve the problem. Make this part of your daily routine as you shower, but ensure you don’t apply too much shampoo or mix it with other products, as mentioned above.

Also, ensure that you use cold water when rinsing your hair. Cold water is refreshing to your hair and scalp and it also closes the cuticles, which helps prevent dirt from getting trapped. Additionally, the water removes residual product present on the scalp without completely expelling all the moisture. And, it may give your hair a unique shine.

3.    Use your conditioners

While shampoos and conditioners come hand in hand, most people prefer to skip the use of the conditioner, assuming it’s a second step in the hair and scalp care routine. The conditioner is equally as important because it restores moisture that is lost because of the shampoo. It also prevents your hair from looking pale.

Additionally, it would help if you consider using leave-in conditioners. They make your hair glossy and protect it from harsh weather that steals moisture. The majority of quality conditioners include keratin, which helps control frizz and promote manageability, leaving your curls and scalp smooth and shiny.

4.    Watch your diet

Healthy Food Example

A balanced diet is vital not only for your overall body health but also for your hair’s health. Nutrient deficiency is the basis of multiple complications like baldness, parched skin, and dandruff. Even though some products rejuvenate your skin, they cannot replace a nutritious diet.

To have healthy hair, you require particular vitamins such as B6 and B12. You also need fatty acids commonly present in fish, in addition to amino acids. Thus, a nutrient-rich diet can counterbalance awful flaking and itching.

How about a diet that can lead to complications such as flaking and dandruff? It would be best if you avoided the following:

  • Sugar – Excessive consumption of sugar is poisonous; it can be central to illnesses such as psoriasis. It can also lead to itching, dermatitis, scaly skin, and weak hair follicles since it promotes the release of androgen, a hormone responsible for diminishing follicle proportions. Hence, reduce your sugar consumption to maintain your hair and scalp.
  • Fish and seafood with high mercury levels – Seafood is healthy for your hair, especially when combined with necessary fatty acids. However, consuming high-mercury seafood causes gradual loss of hair. The condition is widespread in people who love to eat plenty of sushi, tuna, tilefish, mackerel, shark, and swordfish. Instead, it would be best to eat shrimp and salmon, which can supply your skin and hair with healthy nutrients.
  • Alcohol – Liquor causes zinc deficiency, resulting in itchy skin. Zinc is vital in hair growth so excess alcohol consumption isn’t healthy. It also desiccates your body, which can cause illnesses like dandruff, flaking, and dermatitis. Ensure that you frequently hydrate when you’re drinking alcohol. Don’t consume it in large quantities, though; cut the amounts before your health forces you to quit it altogether.
  • Low-protein foods – Protein deficient foods can damage your skin and hair and increase dandruff. Consider consuming bodybuilding foods, such as beans and red meat. They can feed your hair with nutrients to do away with dead skin cells and revitalize your scalp.
  • Vitamin A – If you regularly take supplements and multivitamins, you should watch out for vitamins that may cause your hair and scalp problems. When consumed in excess, Vitamin A, specifically, may cause loss of hair, itchy skin, and flaking.

5.    Exfoliate

Your scalp can benefit from a good scrub. Exfoliation can help get rid of old skin cells when your body is producing new cells. You can scrub using routines as simple as brushing your hair or using a scalp mask. You can also make a DIY mask using natural ingredients, such as honey, egg, apple cider, coconut oil, and sugar. Masking is a great method to give your hair tip to root nourishment. It also hydrates your scalp, prevents frizz, and repairs damaged hair.

Bottom line

A flaking and itchy skin may be uncomfortable to deal with. Fortunately, these five tips can help you avoid it. Enjoy the healthy and revitalized scalp that can give you confidence in your daily activities.

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