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How to Prevent Hair Loss: Evolution Hair Сare and Things You Need to Know About It

Losing hair is a nightmare for both men and women. It can cause a lot of anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. If you’re concerned about losing your hair, don’t worry – there are ways to prevent it!  If you are experiencing hair loss, it is essential to seek treatment as soon as possible. One of […]

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Can Having an Iron Deficiency Cause Hair Loss?

what's the importance of iron to the hair?

According to the American Hair Loss Association, people in the United States spend over 3.5 billion dollars on products to cure their hair loss every year. Estimates show that around 99 percent of these hair loss products don’t work. Hair loss can be caused by many factors and can affect anyone, regardless of age and […]

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What Scalp Conditions Cause Hair Loss?

scalp problems that lead to thinning hair

Hair loss has a variety of causes. Sometimes it has to do with the hair products you use. Other times, anxiety or stress can be linked to the problem. Sometimes, though, scalp conditions are a known cause of hair loss. When your hair starts to thin or fall out, there is usually an underlying problem. […]

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Can Dry Scalp Cause Hair Loss?

Can Dry Scalp Cause Hair Loss

It’s not only itchy and irritating, but dry scalp can lead to the loss of hair (sometimes). Although there are many different reasons for dry scalp, the results are virtually the same. Your scalp is not healthy. It becomes red and sore, and you will inevitably find yourself scratching your head in a desperate attempt to enjoy some […]

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