Can Dry Scalp Cause Hair Loss?

A dry scalp is not only itchy and irritating but can also be embarrassing when you’re out in public.  Although there are different reasons for dry scalp, the results are the same.  Your scalp is not healthy, and you are scratching it constantly.  Some people even find themselves losing hair.  Can dry scalp cause hair loss?  Or is there something else that is causing it?

Millions of people have dry skin.  On other areas of the body, it is easier to control, because a good body lotion will keep the moisture and nourishment back into your skin.  When it affects your scalp, though, you really can’t see it except for the flakes that fall off.  You can’t really put body lotion onto your scalp, but there are things that you can do that will allow your scalp to become healthy again, and stop any more hair loss.

Many people don’t realize it, but your hair follicles are right under the skin.  When your scalp gets very dry, it can’t give the hair the nourishment it needs, and it can cause your hair to become very brittle and damaged.

In this article, we will talk about how having dry scalp can damage your hair, and even cause hair loss.  We will also talk about ways that you can give your scalp and hair the nourishment it needs to become healthy again.  We will suggest a product or two that will not only treat dry scalp but will also help your hair to become healthy again as well.

How Can Dry Scalp Cause Hair Loss?

In healthy skin, there is a natural oil called sebum.  This is your body’s way of keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.  Sometimes, though, hair styling products can build up underneath the scalp.  When this happens, the sebum can’t get through the skin to keep it healthy.

There are a lot of things going on under your skin when you have dry scalp, and much of this is a buildup of debris and oil.  Your hair follicles are also under your skin, and they are not getting any nourishment at all because of the build-up.

This causes the hair to start to dry out, and become brittle.  As this happens, you may start to see hair in your comb or hairbrush after you brush your hair.  You have to use a good product that has the ability to soak into the skin and clean the debris that is building.  Of course, the longer you wait to do this, the worse it will become.

Another thing that is known to cause hair loss is stress or thyroid problems.  But these usually result in the loss of hair in small patches, not all over.  These conditions will not make your scalp dry, either, and that is a good way of telling the difference of why your hair is falling out.

When your scalp is so dry that you find yourself constantly scratching it, you are unknowingly scratching the hair out as well.  As you scratch your skin, damaged hair can become so brittle that it can break, and the more your scratch, the worse the situation becomes.

There are ways to help your scalp, healing it, and your hair as well.  To stop the hair loss, you have to find something that can make your scalp healthy again.

Can Dry Scalp Cause Hair Loss

Treat Dry Scalp That Is Damaging Your Hair

Of course, the first thing that you want to do is re-nourish your scalp and hair.  But in order to do that, you have to get rid of the built up debris that is causing the problem to begin with.  By using a product that can get into the skin quickly, and start to clean the debris and clogs, you will be able to send nourishment into it and your hair faster.

There are many dry scalp treatments available on the market today, but only a few will help when you are to the point that your hair is starting to break and even fall out.

One of the best things that you can do for the scalp is to use a hot oil treatment.  There are products that are made with what are called essential oils.  These oils actually mimic the natural oils that are supposed to be in your skin.  They also are able to soak into the roots of your hair, and travel through the shafts, giving your hair the nourishment that it needs to become healthy again.  One of the best to use is Tea tree oil.

Many times, when people hear the word oil, they automatically think that their hair will become greasy.  This doesn’t happen with essential oils, as they are actually healing oils.  They soak through the scalp quickly, nourishing and re-hydrating as they go, until they get under the skin and are able to gently clean the clogged pores that are drying out your scalp.

There are treatments available that also work as exfoliators, getting rid of the dead skin cells that are making your scalp so itchy.  As these work, you will scratch a lot less, giving your hair a chance to grow again.

Treatments to Make Your Scalp Healthy Again

In order to clean the clogs from under your skin, you have to get a product that has the capability of both getting the dead skin cells from your scalp, and soaking into the layers of skin to reach the clogs and clean them.


Use a 100% Natural Shampoo

A very good product that will do this is Christina Moss Naturals organic shampooTo learn more about it, click the link to read our in-depth review. You can also check the latest customer feedback on Amazon.

This shampoo is made with all-natural ingredients and is safe to use on all types of skin and hair.  From the first time you use it, you will notice that the itchiness starts to fade.  You will also quickly see your hair starting to gets its elasticity and shine back, as the shampoo puts the proper nourishment back into it.

Apply Essential Oils to Your Scalp

As mentioned before, please don’t think that using an oil will make your hair greasy.  There is a product called “Ooh!” that will give you instant relief from the itchiness.

When you stop scratching, your hair will be less likely to break.  Stopping the itch isn’t the only thing that “Ooh” does.  It puts essential oils into your scalp that quickly absorb, right down to the clogged pores.  It cleans them quickly, allowing the roots and shafts of your hair to start to absorb the nourishment quickly.

In conclusion, the question ‘Can dry scalp cause hair loss?’ can be answered by a simple ‘yes’.  However, using a good product for your scalp can quickly stop the itchiness and hair loss. If you’ve lost hair and want to recover it, give Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment a try.