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What Causes Slow Hair Growth Problems?

What can be the cause of your hair not growing?

They say hair is one of the best accessories, but for some of us, it’s only our most significant source of worry. Whether it involves dying our hair to a specific shade of ash blond that looks amazing on Pinterest or it is to maintain its luster and thickness, hair can easily fail to reach […]

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Vitamin E Oil for Hair Growth and Scalp Conditions

Can vitamin E oil be absorbed through the skin?

Vitamin E has been dubbed “the skin, hair, and nails vitamin” and it’s easy to see why! Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing properties, vitamin E can treat a variety of health and beauty complaints. Many people wonder if vitamin E can be absorbed through the skin. The truth is, vitamin E oil is absorbed […]

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Why Does Hair Thin During Menopause (and Is It Permanent)?

does thin hair mean early menopause?

Have you noticed your hair thin during menopause? Sadly, it happens to almost every woman when going through “the change.”  A woman loses up to 100 strands of hair each day. That’s a lot of hair over time. Can you stop it is the question? Better yet, is this a permanent situation? Just as a […]

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How to Grow Hair Faster and Thicker in a Month

How fast does your hair grow in a month?

Everyone wants to know how to grow hair faster and thicker… in a month! We may think that it’s a hoax, but it’s possible to get MUCH quicker results. Some people have thin strands, some suffer from hair loss, and others experience both at the same time. Many factors tie into how quickly or slowly our hair […]

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Home Remedies That Thicken Fine Hair Strands

How to get thicker hair naturally

If you have naturally fine or thin hair, getting the voluminous look you’ve always wanted can be a challenge. No matter how much backcombing you do, no matter how many times you cut in layers to give your hair more body and bounce, your locks still don’t have enough lift for you to achieve the […]

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How to Get a Thicker & Fuller Head of Hair Fast

Woman with thick and full hair

According to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of men will experience some hair loss or their hair will thin once they reach the age of 35. Women make up 40% of hair loss sufferers in America, too. As you can see, this is a problem that affects both genders. So, is there anything you […]

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Is a Scalp Massage Good for Hair Growth?

How to massage the scalp for better hair growth

There are many different solutions for preventing hair loss or encouraging hair growth. It starts with the right kind of hair care routine and taking care of your overall health. But, a scalp massage can also help to encourage hair growth. Think about the benefits of a massage. They are designed to increase blood flow […]

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How to Keep Hair Healthy & Growing

How Can I Keep My Hair Healthy and Growing

Hair is an expression of individuality. However, it can also be an important health indicator. Luxurious, shiny hair is a sign of a healthy body. To keep your hair healthy and growing, there are several things you can use every day. No matter what length your hair is, or what your growth goals are, these […]

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