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Best Shampoo for Dyed Red Hair (That WON’T Cause Fading)!

how to maintain dyed red hair

Red hair is one of the most beautiful and striking colors. Whether you’re a natural redhead or you’ve dyed your hair more toward that color, it’s an elegant look that will get you noticed. But, red hair color also fades quicker than any other shade. It’s a noticeable hue, but also one that won’t last […]

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What’s the Best Permanent Hair Color for Sensitive Scalp?

safest hair dye for sensitive skin

Ever notice the number of brands of permanent hair color? Most offer lasting color, while others provide not-so-enduring results. As always, to color or not to color is a personal decision. It’s easy to do. However, it’s something that shouldn’t be done without thinking about it first. Some individuals suffer from allergic reactions to hair […]

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How to Keep Purple Hair Color from Fading for Weeks Longer

best shampoo for purple color treated hair

We can’t think of anything better than that, just out of the salon, new hair experience. Your hair looks lustrous, smooth, shiny and oh, so perfect. But, there’s a reason most colored hair doesn’t stand the test of time. Without the right amount of TLC, dyed hair can look dull, brittle and flat within just […]

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Hair Colors That Will Minimize Redness in Face

what causes redness in the face?

Deciding between brunette, red, and blonde is challenging enough. And we aren’t yet taking into consideration the spectrum of tones that reside in these hues. So, you now have to think about what shades are most likely to work with your complexion as well. Who knew a hair transformation could require this much work? Understanding […]

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20 Quick and Easy Tips to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

how to keep hair dye from fading

Quite literally, you need good chemistry for great hair color. The first ever safe-to-use, commercial hair was created by French chemist Eugene Schuller, using a chemical called paraphenylenediamine. Today, over 75% of women and a growing percentage of men use at-home or salon treatments to change their hair color. But finding the right hair color […]

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How to Wash Dyed Hair Without Losing Color

can i wash my hair after dying it?

Hair color is an amazing form of art. It’s transformational, aesthetically and emotionally. There’s no better feeling than walking out of a salon with freshly-colored hair. Whether you’ve decided to lighten, darken, brighten or sport a gorgeous unicorn shade, new hair can put anyone in a great mood. However, it comes with a certain anxiety […]

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Removing Semi-Permanent Hair Dye from Bleached Hair

which colors will fade the fastest?

From time to time, we all experiment with our tresses. But our hair can be so delicate that it’s important to treat it with care. It’s so easy to dye hair – buy an over-the-counter dying kit and do it yourself from the comfort of your own home. However, with the ease of being able […]

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What Can I Do About Extreme Hair Breakage from Bleach?

how to fix hair breakage on top of head

At some point in our lives, we want a dramatic hair change – even if it means changing our hair color completely. Unfortunately, bleach is an inevitable part of changing the color of your hair, especially if your hair is dark. Bleach works by raising your hair’s outer cuticle, making your hair swell. This allows […]

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What is the Most Face Slimming Hair Color?

How to select a face slimming hair color

When you’re trying to decide on a different hair color, a lot of factors come into play. Most people want a color that perfectly complements their face. A large part of that decision is finding a face-slimming hair color. You’re probably aware that some haircuts can make your face look younger. But, did you know that […]

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How to Lighten Hair Naturally with Lemon Juice and Honey

how to lighten hair naturally with honey

Most of us look forward to the warm weather seasons. You can’t wait to lighten your hair naturally and avoid the damaging ammonia found in dyes. You’ll likely be out in the sun as much as possible. Believe it or not, you will need the assistance of the sun’s rays to lighten your hair’s color. […]

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Why Didn’t My Hair Dye (Color) Take on Roots or Ends?

hair too porous to hold color

Most women change their hair color with the seasons, but sometimes the hair dye won’t take hold. What causes hair color not to take? It’s frustrating, but there are reasons for the loss of color. You thought you did everything right, but you have dull and choppy-looking hair or it’s too brassy. The new color […]

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How to Keep Blonde Highlights Bright After Bleaching

how to keep your hair blonde after bleaching

Many women prefer to dye or bleach their hair blonde or add blonde hightlights. Not only do they prefer that color, but they go one step further and choose platinum blonde. The requests for platinum colors have increased, but there are still a few die-hard caramel and honey blonde fans. Most of the people who […]

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What Hair Color Accents Green (Emerald) Eyes the Best?

Beautiful woman with emerald eyes

Looking for the best hair color for green eyes? There are a lot of things to consider before making the decision to color the hair to match the eye color. Green eyes are complementary to red hair and warm skin tones. But that is not the case for everyone, unfortunately. Still, there are a few […]

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What Color Hair Always Looks REALLY Good with Brown Eyes?

Hair coloring that suit women with chestnut colored eyes

Wearing the same hair color with brown eyes every day is like wearing the same shoes throughout the year. Sure, the shoes become comfortable, almost like second nature, but it’s tiresome. The same shoe or color is okay, but every once in a while, change can be a good thing. Women think about what’s it’s […]

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How to Get Rid of Hot Roots at Home

Roots of my hair won't take color

Hot roots have nothing to do with how great your hair looks or the temperature. It’s a term colorists use. Unfortunately, it’s not a term you want to hear when it comes to your hair. They occur when the roots of your hair are ‘warmer’ than the rest. The color shades of the hair don’t […]

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Does the Ammonia in Dyes Cause Damage to the Hair?

Is ammonia bad for the hair?

Styling, cutting, and coloring hair is a great form of self-expression, and a fantastic way to boost your confidence. Every day, millions of people reach for a bottle of hair dye to transform their locks, whether they’re going platinum blonde, darkest brown, vibrant red or daring blue. But as a society, we are becoming more […]

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Hair Roots Don’t Match the Rest of Hair? Fixes for Hair Dying Mistakes!

Hair color doesn't match the roots

Dying your hair at home seems to be the quickest, easiest, and cheapest option. There are so many at-home hair dye kits you can buy these days, whether you want an all-over tint, an ombre look or just to touch up your roots. But what happens when your home dye efforts go wrong? If you’ve […]

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What Are the Best Hair Colors for People with Blue Eyes?

Blue eyes and hair colors

Did you know that just 8% of the world’s population has blue eyes? You may not have realized that this trait was so uncommon, but if you’re lucky enough to have blue eyes, you’re in a small subset of humans with this unique eye color. No matter what eye color you have, choosing a hair […]

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How to Lighten Dark Brown Hair to Light Brown Naturally

Natural ways to lighten up the hair

From time to time, we all want to change your hair color. Perhaps you want something more seasonal, or just want to lighten dark brown hair. Unfortunately, whether you want a neutral color or something more unusual, changing color can be a damaging process. Lightening your hair from dark brown to light brown can be […]

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How to Get Vibrant Hair Colors without Bleach

How to get vibrant-looking hair without using bleach

Colorful, vibrant hairstyles are definitely in fashion at the moment. It’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you want a fresh look, or you’re ready to unleash more of your wild personality, switching up your hair color is a great way to do it. Unfortunately, stripping your natural hair […]

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7 Things About Dry Scalp After Using Hair Dye That You Need to Know

How to Deal with Dry Scalp After Using Hair Dye

People dye their hair for many reasons. Whether you’re trying to cover up a few gray hairs, or just want a different look, hair dye has become more popular than ever. But, have you ever noticed that it could quickly dry out your scalp? If you’ve experienced a dryness before, we’re going to take a closer […]

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