What is the Most Face Slimming Hair Color?

When you’re trying to decide on a different hair color, a lot of factors come into play. Most people want a color that perfectly complements their face. A large part of that decision is finding a face-slimming hair color. You’re probably aware that some haircuts can make your face look younger. But, did you know that certain colors can do exactly the same thing?

Darker hair colors tend to be the most slimming. But, they don’t work for everyone. You need to understand how these colors work with different complexions and why they provide a specific look.

Stylists know many things that will help their clients look a little thinner. Many celebrities also practice these tricks with their hair to appear slimmer. But, you can do them too! Without changing anything else, your face can look different, and your hair can complement it beautifully.

Your hair color can draw a lot of focus. Choosing the right one is the best way to look great, look slimmer, and feel better about your appearance. Your hair color can make a huge difference to the way other people see you, and your confidence and self-image.

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How to Make Your Face Look Thinner with Hair

This guide will go over the best hair colors for people who want a slimmer appearance. Of course, though cuts and styles aren’t the only things that can change your appearance, they are important, too.

With the right color and style, you can change your entire look in a short amount of time. It’s a great way to boost your confidence without having to change your lifestyle or worry about dieting, etc.

Changing your hairstyle and color is the perfect option if you’re looking for a ‘makeover,’ or you have a big event coming up that requires you to look your best. So, should you dye your hair a particular color to look slimmer? Keep reading to find out your best options.

Does Dark Hair Make Your Face Look Thinner?

In most cases, darker hair is the way to go. This is because people tend to pay more attention to the shape of your face if you have lighter-colored hair. It’s easier to see a blonde’s rounded face than someone with dark brown hair. If you have a rich, dark color in your hair, people are more likely to be focused on that than the roundness of your face, giving off a slimming appearance.

Darker colors tend to be slimming in almost every area, and hair is no different. If you’re looking for something striking, a single, unified color is a good option. This doesn’t mean you have to dye your hair jet black. A shade or two darker than your current color would work.

What is the Best Hair Color for a Round Face?

While solid, dark hair colors can make almost anyone’s face look slimmer, you may want to go a different route if you have more of a rounded face. Highlights are usually a good option for people with a round face. Think of it the same way you would when you wear a shirt with vertical stripes.

When you add highlights to your hair, the dark and light lines create a contrasted look. They create somewhat of a frame around your face and give people something to look at besides the shape of your head. Again, darker shades tend to work better, even with subtle highlights. But, it’s important to choose the right patterns and colors for your personal face shape. People with rounded faces can be the most self-conscious about looking slimmer, and this is one of the best ways to do it with your hair.

Does Blonde Hair Make Your Face Look Thinner?

If you’re a natural blonde, you may not want to make a drastic change to a dark hair color. Most blonde people have a naturally-lighter complexion. That usually doesn’t work as well for dark, bold colors. So, what can blondes do to make their features look slimmer?

There are a few things you can do with the cut and style, but as far as coloring goes, there are two tips blondes can keep in mind:

  1. Strategic highlighting: If you don’t want a blunt, bold dark look, mix in some darker shades with highlights. The best way to do this is to start with lighter shades at the top and allow them to become darker toward the bottom. This will give the appearance of some natural color framing around your face. Highlights should always be concentrated in the lower part of your hair.
  2. Lowlights: If you’re a blonde with a rounder face, lowlights might be your best options for coloring. Lowlights take your original color and add areas that are slightly darker. So, if you’re blonde, your lowlights will just be a darker shade of blonde. It’s subtler than getting highlights but can still offer the same effect when it comes to framing and slimming down your face. This is sometimes called an ‘ombre’ style. It can work on almost any hair color and is a great way to create visual layers without having to cut your hair.

If you’re a blonde who is coloring your hair at home, it’s best not to choose a drastically-darker color than what you have naturally. If you want to change your hair color completely, try going a shade darker, for starters.

What Hair Styles Make Your Face Look Slimmer?

Aside from good coloring choices, your haircut and the way you style it can also give more definition to your facial structure. As a result, a chubby face will look thinner!

Every hair stylist wants their clients to look and feel great. So, over the years many different styles and techniques have been developed to help create a slimmer look for people’s faces.

Some of the best tips and tricks for doing this include:

  • Longer layers: Like lower highlights, layers help to frame your face. Ask for long layers instead of short, choppy ones. The longer they are, the more they’ll subtly work with the shape of your face and make it look slimmer. Again, think of these layers as long vertical stripes.
  • Long hair: Long hair will make your face look thinner than shorter cuts. Growing out your hair is a great way to look slimmer without having to worry about a completely different style.
  • Up-do: A heightened up-do will draw attention to the style, not your face. Even something as simple as a topknot or ponytail can make your face look thinner. If you do pull your hair back, make sure to keep the style loose. A tight ponytail can damage your hair follicles.
  • Gentle waves: Straight hair widens your face by making it look smaller. Instead, go for soft, gentle waves that will elongate the shape of your face.

Everyone’s face is slightly different. But, most people fall into one of seven categories when it comes to facial shapes, including round, oval, and heart-shaped. If you aren’t sure what the best style might be for your individual shape, work with your hair stylist to find the best cut.

Face-Slimming Cut for Short Hair

If you don’t want to deal with long hair or want something easy to take care of, shorter cuts aren’t entirely out of the question.

The best shorter hairstyle for anyone wanting their face to look slimmer is a lob. A lob is just a long bob that falls below the chin. It is long enough to frame the face but short enough to be easy to manage.

You should still follow the rest of the coloring and styling rules if you have a lob. Straight hair will make your face look rounder, and darker colors will help it to look slimmer.

Remember, there’s a difference between a lob and a bob-style cut. If you’re concerned about making your face look thinner, opt for the lob and keep some waves or layers in it.

What Hair Styles Should I Avoid?

Just like there are cuts and hairstyles to shape your face, there are also some you should avoid. The styles listed here can make your face look rounder and fuller. They might also draw attention to your face, rather than your hair, which can leave you feeling self-conscious.

How to select a face slimming hair color

These hairstyles should be avoided if you want to give the appearance of a thinner facial structure:

  • Blunt bangs: Light, wispy bangs are okay if you’re framing the rest of your face with layers. But, it’s usually a bad idea to go with heavy, blunt bangs. They can make your face look smaller, flatter and wider. Instead, go for side-swept bangs that offer a little bit more framing and can give your face a softer look.
  • Round bobs: Avoid round bob cuts that have straight edges. If you want a bob/lob, it should be at least chin-length or longer. Straight edges don’t frame the face well and can make it look rounder.
  • Too much volume: Everyone wants fuller hair. But, when you’re styling it’s important to make sure you have lots of volume at the bottom as well as the sides. Only focusing on volume at the top and sides will make your face appear rounder instead of longer.

How to Choose the Best Hair Color for Your Face

Everyone’s complexion is different. Face shapes are different, too. With all these factors, it can be hard to choose the perfect hair color that will make your face look great.

Choosing the wrong hair color may not only make your face look wider. It can also make you look washed out and could make your eyes look duller and not as vibrant.

When you’re deciding on a hair color, take your natural color into consideration. It’s always best to go one or two shades darker (or lighter) than your original color. Any more than that and you’ll be drawing attention to your hair for all the wrong reasons.

But, only going a shade or two different will also make your colored hair easier to maintain. One of the primary complaints about colored hair is managing the roots. Choosing a shade that isn’t that different from your original color won’t make the roots look so obvious and different.

You should also take your skin tone into consideration. People with warm or darker skin tones should choose warm hair colors. For example, someone with caramel-colored skin would look great with a warm-brown hair color. If you have cooler skin tones or are pale, blonde or red hair colors look best.

If you’re unsure of which colors would look best with your skin tone, you should take a look at your eyes. Think about which hair color would make your eyes ‘pop,’ rather than leave them looking dull.

The best thing you can do when choosing a different hair color is to be somewhat subtle. Even if you’re just getting highlights, the color difference shouldn’t be that extreme.

Choosing the right color will make a huge difference in how your face looks. Your hair and face should complement each other, not clash so one is more noticeable than the other.

What hair color makes you look thinner?

Other Ways to Make Your Face Look Slimmer

If you’re looking for more ways to make your face look slimmer aside from coloring and cutting your hair, there are many different tips and tricks you can use on a daily basis.

Combine these tips with your new hair color and you’ll undoubtedly achieve the look you want:

  • Wear long earrings – Longer earrings can complement almost any hairstyle. Earrings that dangle can also add the illusion of length to your face.
  • Use contouring makeup – Contouring is a skill that accents the jawbone and the sides of your nose. It gives your face a ‘sharper’ look that can thin it out quite a bit. The idea is to make it look as though you’re wearing a minimal amount of makeup. It can take a bit of practice to perfect a contouring routine. But, there are many online tutorials and videos that can help you.
  • Angle your eyebrows – Use an eyebrow pencil to give your brows more of an angled look, rather than a curve. This adds contour to the brows and makes them more noticeable. As a result, the focus goes to your eyebrows instead of the shape of your face.

How to Color Your Hair Safely

Changing your hair color to better frame your face can be fun and boost your confidence. But, whether you color all your hair or get highlights, it’s important to take some precautions.

Bleaching and coloring your hair can strip it of its natural oils. This can leave your hair looking and feeling brittle and your scalp dry and itchy.

Always start with a healthy scalp before coloring your hair. If you have a scalp condition, make sure that it’s treated or well-managed before coloring.

Once you’ve colored your hair, maintain a healthy scalp by using color-safe shampoos and hair products. Natural solutions like tea tree oil are great for locking in moisture while keeping your hair looking vibrant.

Be aware of the ingredients being used when you color your hair. If you color it at home, check the side of the box for the formula. If you’re getting your hair colored at a salon, ask your stylist about the ingredients. Certain people have more sensitivities than others to different chemicals. You may even be allergic. If you’ve never had your hair colored before, it’s a good idea to do a ‘patch test.’

Taking the right steps before, during, and after you get your hair colored will help the color itself to last longer. But, it will also help with the general health of your scalp and hair.

It’s amazing how much simply changing your hair color can make a difference in the shape of your face. It may just be an ‘illusion,’ but it can make a noticeable change for anyone who looks at you. What’s the best part? You don’t have to drastically change your locks to notice a difference.

If you’ve been curious about how the color or style of your hair can change the appearance of your face, we hope this guide has given you some answers. Anyone can change the color of their hair, no matter what your natural color may be. When you dye your hair with the right precautions and use the right shades for your skin tone, you can look like a whole new person.

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