How to Repair Hair Breakage from Ponytails

Many things we do can cause damage to our hair. From the products, we use to heated tools, and even the way we style our locks can be a contributing factor. It’s easy to toss hair back into a ponytail. But, it can also cause a lot of damage.

Ponytails are typically used as a ‘casual style.’ They help to pull hair away from the face, whether you’re working out, feeling overheated, or just don’t want to take the time to do a more complicated style. While they are convenient, many people don’t tie them up in the right fashion.

When you tie a ponytail too tight, you’re pulling on your hair, causing tension at the root. Over time, this can cause your hair to become weaker, especially at the hair line. This can cause breakage, which can lead to thinning and hair loss. If you’ve ever taken the elastic band off from your ponytail and it’s full of hair, it’s a good sign that you’re doing something wrong.

It’s even worse when you pull your hair back as it’s wet. Wet hair is far more susceptible to damage. Unfortunately, it’s easy to pull back to get out of the way. When you’re unaware of the damage you’re really doing, it makes it easier to toss your hair into a high and tight style, and cause problems in the process.

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How Do I Repair Hair Breakage Due to Ponytails?

For the most part, split ends and damaged hair can be fixed. It just takes a few simple changes and extra steps to restore the overall health of your tresses. Of course, these changes should be permanent, so you’re not always going back and forth between healthy and unhealthy hair. Eventually, the healthier hair will lose out, and it could lead to thinning.

Follow some of the tips listed in this article to rejuvenate your hair, stop the hair from going frizzy and split ends, and prevent it from thinning out too much.

Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment

Hair that is breaking is often weak and brittle. In many cases, it’s also dried out. One of the best ways to add sufficient moisture and hydration back into your strands is with an argan oil deep conditioning treatment.

We recommend a treatment that also contains healing properties for the scalp. If you notice that your scalp is sore or itchy after wearing a ponytail for several hours, a conditioner that can soothe irritation and inflammation is important. If you begin to scratch your scalp too much, it could lead to cuts and possible infection.

Alternatively, you can try a DIY hair mask for damaged hair. While conditioners tend to focus on the surface of the hair, hair masks penetrate through the strands. This allows them to heal damage from the inside out. Plus, most hair masks you can try at home contain all natural ingredients and are easy to put together.

Be Careful with the Use of Heat

Even if your hair breakage was caused by a ponytail, you shouldn’t continue to do other damaging things to it on a regular basis. If you want your hair to become fully repaired, it’s crucial that you protect yourself from heat.

First, lower the temperature of your styling tools. This includes flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers if possible. The more heat you introduce to your locks, the more damage you’re likely to experience. Letting your hair air dry is a great place to start, instead of using a blow dryer.

Additionally, you should use a heat protectant spray. These sprays are designed to keep heat from penetrating too deeply into the hair shaft and causing more damage. If you’re prone to oily or greasy hair, be sure to check the ingredients on your heat protectant product. Some contain chemicals that can clog up the pores on your scalp.

Ideally, you should avoid using heated tools as much as possible. But, if you have to use them as a part of your styling routine, follow the precautions listed here, so your hair won’t experience more breakage.

Switch Up Your Diet

Pulling your hair into a tight style can weaken it. One of the best defenses is to make sure your strands are already as strong as possible. That starts from within the body. Did you know you can adapt your diet for better hair health? In fact, your hair is usually a great indicator of your overall health. If your hair is in good shape, chances are the rest of your body is healthy, too.

Your hair and scalp need certain vitamins and nutrients to be healthy. Your diet should contain a rich amount of the following:

  • Folic acid
  • Calcium
  • Omega 3’s
  • Protein
  • Vitamins B, C, and D

Proteins are the building blocks of your hair, so find a healthy source that works to fit your lifestyle. While you can take a supplement to boost your nutrition, nothing compares to getting these vitamins and minerals straight from your food. There are plenty of vitamin-rich foods for healthier hair. Introducing more of them into your diet can help to prevent excessive breakage.

Use the Right Hair Accessories

Sometimes, even pulling your hair into a loose bun or ponytail can cause damage based on the hair tie you’re using. It’s tempting to use thick elastic bands that will hold the hair tightly in place. Unfortunately, removing these bands after a long day can pull out your hair as well.

Instead, choose accessories that don’t pinch and tug at the hair, like a loose elastic scrunchie. You may have to go through a few different types of ties to find one that works well for you without pulling too tightly. It’s also a good idea to switch up your style. Even if you do pull your hair back frequently, try to change the way you do it. One day you could choose a loose bun, the next day casual braids, etc.

Switching up the styling of your hair, even if it’s pulled back, will keep the same spots from being pulled on each day. It will give them a chance to regain strength and repair themselves.

Avoid Chemical Treatments

If you have damaged hair caused by a ponytail, consider giving up salon-style treatments for awhile. Hair coloring, bleaching, and other chemical treatments can make already-damaged hair so much worse. The same goes for hair relaxers and perms. If you’re used to getting styled a certain way, look into specialist about chemical-free alternatives to color your hair.

does putting the hair in a ponytail cause damage?

Use the Right Styling Products

A detangling spray can be a strong ally if you have broken hair. Some hair sprays can cause the scalp to become itchy. Tangled hair breaks easier, especially when you’re trying to pull out a ponytail. Other styling products like gels or creams can be beneficial if you know which ingredients to look for and which to avoid.

Stay away from products that contain a lot of alcohol or peroxide, and choose water-based products instead of oil, so they won’t weigh your hair down and cause more pulling and stress to the follicle. Instead, focus on styling products that will help to infuse your hair with amino acids and proteins. Look for products that will help to strengthen your hair with their nutrients, and fight back against breakage.

If you have sensitive skin or dry hair, choosing styling products with natural ingredients is usually a safe way to go. Be sure you understand what each ingredient can do for your hair and scalp before using it. But, you’re unlikely to experience negative side effects of any kind when using a natural formula instead.

Do Ponytails Cause Permanent Hair Damage?

It’s rare that anything would cause permanent hair damage, but you especially don’t have to worry about it from a ponytail. Hair regrows constantly, and it’s normal to lose up to 100 strands every day. Taking care of the healthy hair that grows is important. You can do that by following some precautionary tips and making the right lifestyle choices for your hair and scalp.

It is understandable that you’d want to pull your hair back from time to time. In most cases, this won’t cause much damage. But, instead of pulling it back into a high and tight ponytail or bun, choose a looser style to get your hair away from your face. Additionally, choose the right accessories when doing it. A few small changes like this can make a big difference in how you’re treating your hair.

Finally, repairing already damaged hair with the right choices and products can be easier than you think. Start by using a natural shampoo, such as Christina Moss Naturals Organic Shampoo. The stronger your hair is, to begin with, the harder it will be for it to break and fall out.

We hope that our tips and suggestions can offer peace of mind when it comes to putting your hair into a ponytail. You don’t have to avoid it completely. Just take the right precautions, and make sure you’re protecting your locks in every way possible.

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