How to Prevent Dry Scalp from Blow Drying Your Hair

The itchiness and flakes from dry scalp can be irritating, to say the least.  There are many different reasons that your scalp may become dry, and one of them is from using a hair dryer after you wash your hair.

Even if the crown of the scalp is a little bit dry, the heat from a hair dryer can the remaining moisture out of it.  Even if you use a conditioner, it will only help the hair, not the scalp.

On the high setting, of course it will take more moisture out of the skin, but even the low setting can dry out your scalp, especially the longer it takes to dry your hair.

In this article, we will talk more about how hair dryers can cause your scalp to become dry.  We will also discuss how to keep the scalp healthy.  Using a hair dryer doesn’t have to cause dry scalp, if you take the right precautions.

Dry Scalp from Blow Drying Your Hair

Some people are in a hurry to get a shower or bath and head to work or to start the day.  This is fine, but not if you use a hair dryer on high heat to dry your hair.

The best way to blow dry your hair is to use it on the lowest setting, and hold it about 6 inches from your head.  This is about the only way the heat from the dryer won’t hurt your scalp.  Yes, it will take longer, depending on how long or thick your hair is, but if your scalp is already dry, it won’t make it worse.

When you use hot air close to your scalp, you will not only drain moisture from the skin, but you are helping the pores to become blocked, in a way.  If you use hair products on your hair, the hair dryer will make them also settle on your skin, blocking the pores.  This makes the scalp dry, as the sebum, or natural oils the skin makes to keep it healthy, cannot come out and do its job.

Just because you use a hair conditioner with your shampoo doesn’t mean that it will help your scalp.  Hair conditioners are made for the hair.  The roots and shafts of the hair especially.  When you have dry scalp, you need to use something that will rehydrate and protect your scalp, not your hair.

Can Dry Scalp from Using a Hair Dryer Cause Hair Loss?

When you have a dry scalp, for any reason, it could possibly lead to hair loss.  As mentioned before, there are different reasons that scalp can become dry.  If you don’t get the proper nourishment into it, the roots of the hair are also deprived of this nourishment.

The drier your scalp gets, the more damaged your hair can become.  And yes, it can even lead to breakage and hair loss in some cases.  But there is no need for dry scalp to ever get this bad.

Using a hair dryer isn’t the only reason that your scalp is dry.  It is a combination of things, and they can all be helped.  You can easily restore your scalp to a healthy state, and your hair will become healthier and stronger at the same time.

Dry Scalp from Blow Drying Your Hair

Ways to Protect Your Scalp

There are different things that you can do to protect your scalp if you use a hair dryer often.  The first thing, though, is to get rid of the dryness.  Since there are different reasons for a dry scalp, we will discuss a few of them.

If you use styling products frequently, chances are good that some of them have gotten into your pores and have caused a buildup under the skin.  To get rid of that built-up gunk, you need to use something that has the ability to get under the scalp and thoroughly but gently clean out the pores.

Clean Out the Pores to Heal Dry Scalp

There is a product called “Ooh!” that will make your scalp feel better virtually instantly.  As soon as you apply it to your scalp, you will feel a cooling sensation.  Although it is an oil, it does not leave you scalp or hair feeling oily.  It soaks into the skin fast, and gets into the pores and follicles, cleaning them all the way through.

It also adds much needed vitamins and minerals to your scalp and hair.  It is very easy to use, and when you unclog the pores and bring the moisture back into your scalp, you will be able to use a blow dryer with no consequences at all.

To learn more about this product, just click on the link above, and you will be directed to our full review page.

It may sound odd, but using apple cider vinegar is also very effective at healing dry scalp.  This vinegar has a ton of vitamins and minerals that are essential for your skin’s health.  It is also a very good natural cleanser, and gets down into the pores and cleans them.

It is also a natural exfoliator, so it will take any flakes off, if you have them, leaving your scalp feel healthy again.  All that you have to do to use it effectively is to mix it with some water, and massage it into your scalp.  Leave it on for about 10 minutes, and wash it out with shampoo.

Many people don’t like the thought of smelling like vinegar.  This smell will not linger after washing your hair.  But the vinegar will help your scalp very much.

While you can get dry scalp from blow drying your hair, there are many ways to heal it.  You should keep drying your hair on the lowest setting until you can get rid of the dryness, though, as the heat can easily draw the nutrients and vitamins right back out, if your scalp isn’t healed.

With that being said, it is fine to use a blow dryer to dry your hair.  As long as you keep your scalp healthy and hydrated, you should have no more problems.  Your hair will also become healthier, stronger, and shinier.