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Top 10 Best Dry Shampoos for Dyed, Colored or Color-Treated Hair

Specialist dry shampoos for dyed hair

I don’t know about you, but I dye my hair. I color it depending on my mood. That’s the easy part. What’s difficult is finding the time to shampoo it. I’m busy throughout the week and washing my hair is not always on the to-do list.o Besides, over washing the hair can damage color-treated hair. […]

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Top 10 Best Dry Shampoos for Black Hair [with FAQ]

dark-colored hair and dry shampoo

What’s the thing with dry shampoos? Are some better than top-rated organic shampoos? Does it matter if you have black hair, dark hair or braided hair? These are just a few of the questions women and men ask when searching for the best dry shampoos on the market. Dry shampoos are incredible substitutes when you […]

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Best Dry Shampoos for Oily (Greasy) Hair (2022) – What Really Works?

What is Dry Shampoo and what does it do?

Are powders or aerosol-based sprays the best dry shampoo for greasy hair? Aerosols reach the root of your hair with a single spritz. Powders are considered to be messy and hit and miss for the roots. This could be why the majority of people surveyed prefer to use aerosols. With that said, there are still […]

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How to Use Baby Powder as Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo alternative

Dry shampoos are not a new discovery.  They have been around for many years now. Who would have thought of using baby powder to get rid of grease and oil from hair? Well, it can help prevent the hair from becoming too clogged with styling products. The question is how to use baby powder as […]

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Does Dry Shampoo Dry Out Your Scalp?

How to remove a dry shampoo buildup

Have you ever gotten an expensive hairdo and then had to wash it the next day because the scalp was too greasy? On the other hand, have you ever been in a position where washing the hair was not an option, but needed to look the best? Many people have been in your shoes. The […]

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10 Things That Work Like Dry Shampoo

DIY dry shampoo options

Washing your hair every day can lead to a dry, itchy scalp. It can also strip your hair of essential oils and nutrients. But, if you have naturally oily hair or just don’t want to ‘feel’ dirty, dry shampoo is a great option. Many people turn to it to refresh their hair on days they […]

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