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What Will Happen If I Pluck Out White Hair?

if you pull out a hair will it grow back?

When you see white hair, you immediately give yourself two options: pluck it or ignore it! This is mainly because of the commonly held belief that if you do pluck it, you’ll have to prepare for three more white hairs growing its place. So does white hair multiply when plucked? The answer is no. As […]

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Can Premature Gray Hair Be Reversed?

how to reverse gray hair naturally

Premature graying of hair, also referred to as ‘canities,’ is a worrying prospect for many. Indeed, studies have shown that people tend to perceive gray hair as an unsettling and unattractive indicator of aging. While gray hair is correlated with aging, premature graying is a common experience. People whose hair turns gray in their 20’s […]

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How to Increase Melanin Production in the Hair

Increase melanin in the hair

For many people, their hair is their pride and joy. Whether they sport beautiful, cascading locks all the way down their back, or a vibrantly dyed shade that is the perfect form of self-expression, their hair is important to their own identity and sense of self-worth. But then, one day, they notice a single gray […]

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Does Dry Scalp Cause Gray Hair?

dry scalp and gray hair

Seeing a few silvery-white strands of hair at an early age can be troubling. If you’re in your twenties or thirties, you don’t expect to see too any graying. However, premature gray hair is more common than you might think. But, is there a link between dry scalp and gray hair? The answer is: Yes and no. Several conditions […]

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