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“Ooh!” Dry Itchy Scalp Relief Review


One of the most common symptoms of a dry scalp is severe itching. Unfortunately, scratching a scalp that is overly dry can sometimes lead to bleeding and infection. Needless to say, it’s important to find a treatment that will add moisture and stop the itching sensation in its tracks. One such option is “Ooh!” dry itchy scalp […]

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Avlon Keracare Dry & Itchy Scalp Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Avlon Keracare Dry & Itchy Scalp Shampoo & Conditioner

One of the best ways to soothe a dry and itchy scalp is to work a treatment into your everyday routine. By switching out your standard product to Avlon Keracare dry & itchy scalp shampoo & conditioner, you don’t have to change your regular hair care routine. You can start to see the benefits of a product […]

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Selsun Itchy Dry Scalp Shampoo Review

Selsun Itchy Dry Scalp Shampoo

There are different levels of dry scalp. Some itching and dryness are caused by a skin condition, such as psoriasis. Other people deal with dandruff. Others, still, simply have these symptoms from external factors. No matter the cause of a dry scalp, finding a soothing daily treatment option, like Selsun Blue Itchy Dry Scalp, can […]

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What’s the Best Hairspray for Itchy Scalp?

What's a good hairspray for an itchy scalp?

Do you have an itchy scalp? It happens to the best of us no matter how well we take care of our hair. It could be caused by a new hairspray or overuse of the current one. If you’re looking to replace the brand you’re using, consider which is the best hairspray for itchy scalp […]

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What’s the Best Itchy Scalp Shampoo for Natural Hair?

Best Itchy Scalp Shampoo for Natural Hair

If you have an itchy scalp, you’ll want relief as soon as possible. While many things can cause problems with the scalp, there’s no shortage of over-the-counter products that claim to be able to soothe it. Many people turn to their regular hair products for help. Unfortunately, a lot of hair products have chemicals that […]

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What Is the Best Itchy Scalp Shampoo?

Best Natural Shampoo for Itchy Scalp

There are many causes of a dry, sore, and irritated scalp. Sometimes, the reason behind the symptoms is easy to figure out (and fix), but that’s not always the case. Whatever the reason, finding the best itchy scalp shampoo is the first step to instant relief. You could have seborrheic dermatitis (a chronic form of eczema) or psoriasis of your […]

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Bumps on the Scalp That Itch: Main Causes & Treatments That Work

itchy bumps on scalp that won't go away

Do you have an itchy head? Is your scalp irritated and sore? Do you feel lumps and bumps occasionally? Unfortunately, these can be quite common. However, while many think that an itchy and bumpy scalp is a temporary problem that will clear up, it can, in fact, be something far more sinister. A severe and […]

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5 Reasons for an Itchy, Flaky, & Dry Scalp after Giving Birth

reasons for dry scalp after giving birth

The body goes through many changes during pregnancy and in the aftermath of childbirth. With hormones raging and a dramatic physical transformation taking place, it’s natural for there to be some unwanted side-effects. One of these strange side-effects after pregnancy is a dry, itchy scalp. As the pregnancy hormones drain from your body and your […]

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Will Listerine Stop Your Scalp from Feeling Itchy?

Can Listerine cure itchy scalp?

Listerine has been around for longer than you might think. In the beginning, it was marketed as a remedy for dandruff. This may come as a surprise, but it’s true. Still, today thousands of users believe in the power of this brand. Some people use it to treat dermatitis, to reduce inflammation and an itchy […]

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What Vitamin Deficiency Causes Dry Scalp & Itchiness?

Is a vitamin deficiency causing my scalp to be overly dry?

Is it possible that a vitamin deficiency causes dry scalp and itchiness? Yes, it is very possible. Also, a vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss and dry skin patches on the scalp.  What a relief it will be to know it could be this and not something more serious. It’s not unusual for people to […]

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How to Soothe an Itchy Scalp after Bleaching

How to Ease an Itchy Scalp after Bleaching

Bleaching is a very effective way to lighten hair quickly, and thousands of people undergo this treatment every week. Using bleach on the hair creates that iconic platinum blonde look, and it can also be used to create a lighter base on which to layer brighter, more vibrant colors. However, the ingredients used in bleaching […]

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How to Relieve Itchiness with Coconut Oil for Dry Scalp

coconut oil for scalp and hair dryness

Coconut oil is a favorite. It has many uses outside of the kitchen, so we can use it for a variety of different reasons. Since Island Fresh Virgin Coconut Oil has lauric acid and fatty acids, it is applied to the hair and scalp to relieve itchiness. Also, the nourishing effects of anti-microbial agents target […]

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Why Do I Have Itchy Scalp after Working Out?

Itchy Scalp after Working Out

Do you experience an itchy scalp right after working out? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of people suffer from this common problem, experiencing an itchy, irritated and even dry scalp when they exercise, and immediately after. Most of this itchiness is natural. When we work out, our scalp sweats just like any other part […]

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8 Proven Ways to Soothe a Sore and Burning Scalp Fast

Reasons for a burning scalp

A sore and burning scalp can be caused by psoriasis, rashes, injuries, sunburn, and much more. For most people, however, the cause of inflammation doesn’t initially matter as much as soothing the pain as quickly as possible. Regardless of why your scalp is feeling uncomfortable, you need to alleviate that burning sensation to feel better. If you don’t, it’s likely […]

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Can Hairspray Cause Itchy Scalp?

hairspray is causing my scalp to itch and burn

We hear in advertisements for hair products that they are meant to nourish, hydrate, and heal our hair. While they don’t often talk about the health of our scalp, it’s easy to assume that’s taken care of as well. Unfortunately, many hairsprays can cause an itchy scalp. If you suffer from a dry scalp, finding […]

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Why Do I Have a Really Itchy Scalp After Drinking Alcohol?

scalp has become overly dry after drinking wine and beer

Itchiness of the scalp can occur for many different reasons. Everything from weather to the products you use for your hair can be the culprit. But, have you ever thought about the reason why you have an itchy scalp after drinking alcohol? Maybe you’ve noticed it before – after a few drinks, your scalp becomes dry […]

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Dry Scalp Remedies That Put an End to the Itchiness & Irritation

Dry Scalp Remedies

A dry, itchy, and sore scalp can drive you crazy. At home, you can scratch away without anyone seeing you. Unfortunately, when you go to work, or when you’re out socially, you’re desperately trying to avoid the temptation to scratch your head. It’s a real dilemma for millions of Americans. People make false assumptions about what might be wrong, […]

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How to Help a Sore Itchy Scalp

How to Help a Sore Itchy Scalp

Just about everyone will experience dryness of the scalp at some point during their lifetime. It’s almost inevitable, but it’s not too bad for most people. If you find that the urge to scratch your head has become irresistible,  there are proven sources of relief from a sore and irritated scalp. A scalp can become dried out for different reasons. […]

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Moisturizer for Dry Scalp to Relieve the Itchiness

Moisturizer for Dry Scalp

A dry scalp can cause embarrassment and itchiness. Worse still, when you keep scratching your head, it can also become more inflamed. The more you scratch it, the more vulnerable it becomes to infection, if you scratch it enough to bleed. Using a good moisturizer for dry scalp will instantly stop the itching and keep your scalp […]

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How to Relieve Itching with Olive Oil for Dry Scalp

olive oil for dry scalp

Many people regularly experience a dry and itchy scalp. When it’s cold outside or when you’re exposed to the sunshine, the itching may become so bad that it is almost unbearable, but the good news is that it is treatable. You may have heard of using olive oil for dry scalp, but you may be a little […]

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How to Stop Itchy Scalp Fast

How to Stop Itchy Scalp

An itchy scalp can wreak havoc. It doesn’t matter what your skin type is, or what type of hair you have, either. Itchy skin often means that your body is dehydrated, but when it is on your scalp, there are many potential causes. Do you want to know what to use for itchy scalp and how to stop […]

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What Are the Reasons for an Itchy Scalp When Hair is Dirty?

Causes of an Itchy Scalp When Hair is Dirty

There is no precise number when it comes to how often we should wash our hair. There are just too many variables. Washing it every day can dry it out, but washing it too infrequently can cause dirty hair and a myriad of scalp-related problems. You may think that not washing your hair helps with moisture […]

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What to Do When an Itchy Scalp Is Keeping You Awake at Night

Itchy Scalp Keeping Me Awake

Even just thinking about an itchy scalp can give you the urge to start scratching away. But, if you have to deal with a sore and itchy scalp keeping you awake, you know just how uncomfortable and irritating it can be. Not only can a dry scalp be an annoyance during the day, but it can […]

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The Best Advice You Could Get About Itchy Scalp after Chemotherapy

Treating itchy Scalp after Chemotherapy

Going through any illness or disease can be a challenging experience. Cancer, especially, can feel overwhelming and frightening. Thankfully, medical advancements have provided us with some excellent treatments. A dry and itchy scalp after chemotherapy is a common side effect. Those who have experienced it can understand that even mild symptoms don’t often feel so small. One […]

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How to Stop Itchy Scalp Without Washing Hair or Shampooing

How to Stop Itchy Scalp Without Washing Hair

Tired of using shampoos that don’t work? Is a busy schedule getting in the way? Don’t want to waste money? You’re not alone in feeling this way. The good news is that there are some excellent alternatives. There are many reasons why people experience a dry and itchy scalp, but you don’t need to wash or shampoo the […]

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