Moisturizer for Dry Scalp to Relieve the Itchiness

A dry scalp can cause embarrassment and itchiness. Worse still, when you keep scratching your head, it can also become more inflamed. The more you scratch it, the more vulnerable it becomes to infection, if you scratch it enough to bleed. Using a good moisturizer for dry scalp will instantly stop the itching and keep your scalp healthy.

Some shampoos for dry scalp are a combination of shampoo and conditioner that are supposed to help with the itchiness. While they do suppress it, they don’t cure it (not all conditioned can be cured, of course). Many treatments, especially for severe dryness, contain chemicals. While they do work for some people, those products could potentially cause further irritation.

There are good moisturizers that not only take away the irritation but will help to rehydrate your scalp. They not only take the itch away almost instantly, but they work to keep your scalp healthy. We’re going to take a closer look at the condition and how to treat it.

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How to Get Rid of Dry Scalp & Flakes

With dry scalp comes flakes. They aren’t necessarily dandruff, but they are smaller flakes. They are only dead skin cells from the dryness. When you use a good moisturizer, it will penetrate through the flakes, and through the layers of your skin.

The most common reason for the dryness is that the sebum (the oils that your body makes to keep your skin moisturized) has become blocked. It can’t reach the outer layer of your scalp. Many times, hair styling products are the culprit behind the blockage. They put a layer on your scalp that won’t come off, no matter how many times you wash your hair.

You should use a moisturizing treatment that will not only get rid of the dead skin cells but will be able to soak through the skin, replicating the natural oils. Some good moisturizers can do that.  Let’s take a closer look.

Appropriately named, “Ooh!” gives you almost instant relief from the dryness. As no product will be able to cure the dryness overnight, this will put the moisture back into your scalp fast. You will notice the difference in the tightness and dryness of your scalp quickly.

Moisturizer for Dry Scalp

Use a Natural Moisturizer for Dry Scalp

If you have sensitive skin, or just don’t want to use chemicals of any kind, some products are made with 100% natural, organic ingredients.  Some of these products work just as well, if not better than, the other products made for severe dryness.

One of the best things to use to put the moisture back into your scalp quickly, and will keep your skin healthy, is tea tree oil. You may think that putting oil on your head will make your hair look greasy. The oil soaks into your skin, healing the skin from the inside, unclogging the pores and follicles in your scalp.

Tea tree oil is native to Australia, and it is used worldwide because of its healing properties. The anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil will get rid of the severe itchiness, because it will cut the inflammation that happens the more that you scratch.  When the inflammation goes away, so does the irritation.

OTC Products That Use Natural Ingredients

When you are suffering from severe dryness, you should consider using a cream or essential oil that will not only be able to re-moisturize your scalp. It will also be able to create a barrier of sorts, that will keep the moisture in your skin.

You’ll find that essential oils mimic the natural oils of the skin. They will remove the clogs from your skin and let the natural oils surface again. This is the only way that you will be able to heal the dryness truly.  You can always tame the itchiness and irritation, but you need a special treatment to be able to cure and maintain the health of your scalp.

  • Pro Tip: For a severely dry scalp, use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment. It is made with essential oils, with added vitamins and nutrients. This combination will completely repair any damage that has been done to the scalp.

It is made with tea tree oil, lavender oil, and peppermint oil. All of these oils have different healing properties, giving you the most effective shampoo and moisturizer on the market. The ingredients will provide your skin with the moisture and vitamins that it needs.

Dry Scalp Moisturizer

How to Avoid Dry Scalp

There are many ways that you can reduce the chances of getting a dry scalp.

Here are a few hints and tips that you may find useful:

  • Drink more water. Maintaining the correct fluid intake keeps the body healthy and moisture in your skin.
  • Be sure to keep your scalp covered in harsh conditions, especially in the winter. You should wear a head covering in the cold. Also, remember that the sun depletes your skin of moisture as well. You should wear some head covering in the sun, also.
  • By using styling products and blow drying the hair too often, you will strip the needed oils of your skin.
  • If your scalp has recently become inflamed and irritated, did you start using a new hair care product? See how your skin reacts by not using it for a while. It’s not uncommon for people to develop an allergic reaction to certain ingredients.
  • If you cant’ figure out the cause of dry scalp, talk with a doctor. You may have a skin condition, such as eczema of the scalp.

Itchy, irritating dry scalp can happen to anyone at any time of year. The more that you scratch your head, though, the more inflamed it will get. The inflammation just makes things worse.

By regularly using a good moisturizer for dry scalp, you will be able to find the relief that you need for the intense irritation. It will also ensure that your scalp stays healthy, so don’t let the situation continue until it becomes unbearable.

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