Tea Tree Oil for Dry Scalp Provides Long Lasting Relief

Maybe you’ve already heard of using tea tree oil for dry scalp, but do you wonder if it really works?  When you’ve had just about enough of the embarrassment and frustration of scratching your head everywhere you go, you should definitely give it a try.

It’s a natural remedy for dry scalp that not only relieves that relentless itching, but it also cleans the roots of your hair, enabling it to ‘breathe’ and become healthy again.

Tea tree oil has been said to help with hair growth.  This is because it opens the clogged pores on your scalp, giving your skin the chance to release the oils from your body, allowing your scalp and hair heal. It helps with many different health and skin-related conditions.

Is it Dry Scalp or Dandruff?

Many people confuse dry scalp with dandruff. Although they are similar, they are not the same thing. When your skin is not hydrated, it becomes dry and itchy. It also becomes dry if it is not nourished correctly. Unfortunately, the scalp is more likely to have irritation problems because of the chemicals that we put in our hair.

Excessive shampooing robs the skin of its natural oils, making your scalp prone to many things. Hair coloring, straighteners, perming, using hairspray, etc., are all damaging.

Dandruff, on the other hand, is when your skin has too much oil in it. It is actually a condition that allows yeast to grow rapidly, thus causing your scalp to itch. When you start scratching, you are seeing the dead skin cells come together and fall off as either large white or yellow flakes.

The good news is that both conditions are treatable. You may want to see your healthcare provider first, so that they can rule out any underlying causes. As long as you are healthy otherwise, there is no reason that you can’t treat these annoying scalp problems naturally.

Tea Tree Oil for Dry Scalp

Treatments for Dry Scalp

The first thing that people tend to do to find relief for dry, itchy scalp, is to run to their local drug store and buy a bottle of chemicalized treatment shampoo. But these can actually make things worse, if you have a bad reaction to them. There are chemicals in them that they can be detrimental to your skin, and may make matters worse for some people.

That is why many people are turning to all-natural hair products, such as Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment. This is an excellent product to use for your scalp. It is totally natural – combining the perfect combination of natural extracts (including tea tree oil) and essential oils, giving immediate relief for dry scalp. It should be used only once or twice a week, depending on the severity of your scalp condition.

Why Choose Natural Remedies for Scalp Conditions?

Natural products are becoming increasingly popular because people are finally realizing what some man-made products are doing to their hair and skin. Many people opt for natural remedies because they just don’t believe in putting chemicals on their skin.

Essential oils do have their advantages for treating dry scalp – they not only clean the residue or excess oil from your scalp, but they put oil back into your scalp, so that it can stay healthy.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Dry Scalp

Tea tree oil not only provides relief for dry, itchy scalp, but it can actually heal the root of the problem. It can also easily treat dandruff, because of its antifungal properties.

It unclogs the pores on your scalp by getting rid of the chemical residue left behind by shampoos and other products that you use on your hair.

When applied and massaged into your scalp, it moisturizes it, thus reducing the dryness and itchiness.

Tea Tree Shampoo Benefits

Tea tree oil is made from the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia plant. This plant is native to Australia, and has been used for hundreds of years, due to its medicinal qualities.

When add it to shampoo, it not only cleanses your hair, but it also opens the clogged pores on your scalp, letting your skin breathe, and improve blood circulation throughout your scalp.

It not only helps to treat dry scalp, but it also prevents other common scalp problems from developing.

When you use a tea tree oil shampoo, it will not only help your scalp to feel better, but the shampoo will also clean your hair follicles – this will help to let the roots of your hair soak up the natural oils that it needs, making your hair healthier.

How to Add Tea Tree Oil to Your Own Shampoo

You can easily add tea tree oil to your favorite natural shampoo.  Simply add a few (6 – 10) drops to your shampoo, and mix thoroughly.  There are many different tea tree oils available, and we have found one that has over 1,350 positive reviews, most of which are 5 star ratings. You’ll discover that Australian tea tree oil  is 100% pure has natural antiseptic and germicidal properties. It cleanses, purifies, and renews your skin, relieving the itchiness of your scalp.

Although there are many causes for different scalp conditions, the most common reasons are the lack of proper vitamins, dehydration, and not enough (or too much) oil in your skin.  You will absolutely love the relief that you will feel when you start to use tea tree oil for dry scalp.

The above mentioned products are completely natural.  To make sure that you are not allergic to any essential oils, please put a small amount of the product somewhere on the back of your scalp before use.  This way, you won’t have to suffer if it causes an unwanted reaction.