Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair And Scalp Treatment Review

Having dandruff and a dry scalp isn’t any fun. You have to put up with flakes falling from your head, fighting to not scratch your scalp even though it itches badly, and being embarrassed because of the condition. As if that’s not enough, it’s also incredibly difficult to treat. Popular shampoos, like Head & Shoulders, don’t work for everyone and other products are far too harsh to use on a regular basis.

There are other alternatives that work exceptionally well, are affordable, and will help to get rid of dry scalp completely. One such product is Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment. A gentle shampoo that soothes and repairs the scalp, this product works really well for treating dandruff and relieving common symptoms associated with it.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair And Scalp Treatment Review

We provide a comprehensive review to help you decide whether or not it’s worth trying. We take a close-up look at the ingredients, how it works, if it works, and help you to find the best pricing. If you’re here to buy this product at the lowest price, click on the link displayed below.

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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair And Scalp Treatment Review

Made with a combination of tea tree, peppermint, and lavender oils, this shampoo is specially formulated to deeply penetrate the scalp, provide intense moisture, and soothe your itchy head. It leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and smelling absolutely wonderful. It’s even infused with vitamins and nutrients to help repair the scalp and develop strong, healthy hair.

If you’re suffering through the pains of dandruff and feel like you’ve tried everything possible only to come up empty, you may want to give this Paul Mitchell dry scalp shampoo a shot. It’s gentle so you don’t have to worry about feeling like your head is on fire while using it and it’s highly effective. Below we discuss the product in further detail.

Easy to Use

Application of the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair And Scalp Treatment is simple. Just use it twice a week in place of your traditional conditioner. Get your hair wet in the bath or shower, use regular shampoo first, rinse, then squeeze a dime to quarter size amount of the Paul Mitchell into your hands, lather it up, and massage it thoroughly all over your scalp. After that you can leave it in for a couple of minutes, then just rinse it out thoroughly.

Fast Relief

Thanks to the unique formula found in this shampoo, you’ll get nearly instant relief of dry and itchy skin on your scalp with every use. The tea tree oil and peppermint combine to provide a menthol-like blast of soothing medicine that relieves itching fast. This is perfect for people who have a hard time not scratching their scalps whenever dandruff pops up, especially in the driest seasons like winter.

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Safe for All Hair Types

Have damaged or color-treated hair? Well, there’s nothing to worry about with this product. None of the ingredients will strip color or cause damage to the hair. So, even if you’ve just gotten your hair recolored, it’s perfectly safe to use this Paul Mitchell dandruff shampoo.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair Treatment

Customer Reviews

Want to know more about this shampoo? You can learn a lot more about the product and how well it works by reading reviews that have been posted by real people online. These statements are often the most truthful and revealing bits of information you can find to help you determine if a product is good for dry scalp treatment.

If you check out the product listing for the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair And Scalp Treatment on you’ll see that the shampoo has over 100 customer reviews written for it. Out of those hundred or so reviews, the product has gotten a 4.5 out of 5 stars as a rating. More than 85% of people that bought it reported that they’d recommend it to others.

People have left comments saying that this is truly an intense and highly effective treatment for dry scalp. They claim it’s made of similar ingredients as other products such as Neutrogena’s T-Gel, but it actually works better. Many have also noted that, unlike other dandruff shampoos, the Paul Mitchell treatment smells quite nice.

Very few people have reported any issues with it. A small group of individuals essentially said it worked, but not as well as they had hoped. Others claim that they loved the cooling and soothing sensation, but didn’t see a huge difference after using the shampoo for a few weeks.

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Overall, though, the vast majority of buyers have said that this shampoo works like a charm for eliminating dandruff, relieving itching, and are delighted with its performance. Considering how affordable it is, we recommend trying it out yourself.

Our Verdict

Convenience:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Results:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Value:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Average:5 Stars (5 / 5)