Does Short Hair Make You Look Older or Younger?

When it comes to hairstyles, what does ‘age-appropriate’ really mean? Well, there aren’t any hairstyle rules or restrictions, but there are definitely styles that will make you look older or younger.

The majority opinion is that short hairstyles make you look more youthful! And specific haircuts work magic on round, oval, and long faces. With that said, another key is applying the right makeup and hair color. Often, aging hair is dull, so adding some color can boost its appeal.

Maybe essential oils will bring back the shine that’s lacking, but be careful not to add more than necessary. An oily buildup on the scalp is terrible for the hair, so wash frequently, especially if the hair is curly. After all, healthy hair is the real key to looking younger.

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Does Short Hair Make You Look Younger?

Over washing leads to dry scalp and other damage so, find a balance between the two for healthier strands. Cutting the hair may be necessary. In this case, it may be possible to get a new style to make you look older or younger. Talk to the stylist about a potential hairstyle.

Take into consideration the texture of the hair, if the style is difficult or easy to maintain and the face shape or bone structure before making a final decision. Make a mistake, and it could end up giving the person the opposite results of the initial idea.

Long hair makes some people look older if it’s not styled or cut most advantageously. With this in mind, getting a significant chop could give individuals immediate and painless facelifts. Wear a part in the hair or give it some bangs and it creates an undesirable focal point.

Short hair brings the eyes up rather than down toward the jawline. Change the texture of the hair by adding color or highlights to the hair and add volume to the front of the head. Quick and straightforward adjustments will take 5 or 10 years off the face in less than two hours at the salon.

Short haircuts bring out the best in people. Older personalities seem to shine the brightest when they look younger. Women who wear short hair somehow seem more confident, secure, and happy.

Hairstyle to Make You Look Younger

Nowadays, most short hairstyles are modern, edgy looks that go from work to play quickly. They are supposed to turn the attention away from a person’s eyes. The benefit of having short hair is that styling takes a matter of minutes (instead of hours). This depends on the length of the hair.

As a bonus of keeping the hair short, new growth is strong. Therefore the strands are less likely to break or split. Short hair is so much fun. It can keep up with the wearer’s moods and colors. Comb the hair another way, feather it, spike it… there are so many things to do with short, sassy hair.

  • Example: Halle Berry’s name comes up most often in association with short hairstyles. However, Halle has long hairstyles that are sexy, but they may make her look older. One of the advantages of wearing hair extensions are the various looks. Change colors and styles in a matter of minutes and set a new trend.

Remember Halle’s crop look? Her entire head of hair was short, but it was the same length all around. What brought the hairstyle out was a few strands long strands that lay alongside her ears.

The outcome of the length break is to move all of the attention to her bright eyes and cherry cheeks. Play with the style, pull hair up, brush some back, spike, slick it down or try these ideas to make you look younger.


Bangs are not for everyone but talk to the stylist about a soft bang for your face shape. The style gives off a youthful quality hard to ignore.


The cropped bob is always an option. It will bring attention to the cheekbones and jawline. Want to bedazzle them? Add layers for a fuller appearance.

Wavy Bob

This is perfect for the woman who wants a younger-looking appearance. Layers of soft waves add style and dimension to this Boho chick-ish style. Platinum or bronde color may add a little panache to shoulder length wavy hair.


The Pixie is by far one of the cutest hairstyles that make you look younger, but it may not be for everyone. The blended pixie is kind of edgy for a short style. Request your stylist blend soft, seamless layers to show off a youthful look.

Messy Hair

Braids are always in style as moms continue to put little girl’s hair into plaits and cornrows. Because of this, women perfect the messy braid look and wear it themselves. This hairstyle can go to work or out to play.

Do Bangs Make You Look Older or Younger?

The consensus is not, they shouldn’t make anyone look older, but it depends greatly on the cut. The way the bangs are cut is based on the shape of the face. Blunt cuts will intensify the face and all of the wrinkles and lines in it. So, the best recommendations are to create texture with thin, soft bangs.

Some women want to look younger and slimmer, but they don’t want the surgery and downtime. With a few pointers, she can take years and pounds off without plastic surgery and in a short amount of time. Getting a slimmer look is as easy as getting a haircut and color. By the way, certain hair colors can make you look slimmer!

Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger and Thinner

Long Bob

The bob or lob is an instant game changer. Wear it long to frame the face and to make it appear younger and thinner. Compared to a short bob, the long bob can turn into other styles. You can wear the hair wavy, curly or straight.

Layers of Long Hair

Medium-length hair (or longer) make for the most popping cuts and most slim chubby cheeks. The longer layers of hair are attention-grabbing especially with blonde highlights or the ombre.

Hairstyles that make the face look younger

Pinup Messy Hair

The best and quickest hairstyle to offset plump faces is to pin the hair up into a messy bun.

To get the style is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Take hair from the left and the right sides and pull them to the back
  2. Pin off and spray to hold style
  3. Wrap a few of the locks around a curling iron for soft, flowing strands for a more delicate appearance
  4. Add honey blonde highlights or cool colors for a younger, slimming look (optional)


Styling the hair and cutting the hair a certain way will make you look younger. It won’t stop the aging process or will it take pounds off anyone, but the right cut, color, and style will create the illusion. Add highlights toward the face for a softer look. For darker hair tones try a chocolate or red color.

Not everything requires surgery or Botox injections. It’s what’s inside a person that makes her look older or younger. When they are glowing from within is what shows on the outside. A woman who’s happy with life looks that way.

Carrying a lot of stress will have an outward effect on anyone and make her look tired and old. Ever notice how Obama’s hair color changed while in office? The roots turned to gray in under four years. Barack Obama is a prime example of how much of an impact stress has on hair.

Hair Mistakes that Make You Look Older

Stiff/Spiked Hair

It doesn’t look natural or touchable. The hair is hard, and no one can run their fingers through it. This is not a good look for an older person. With this said, put away hairsprays claiming to be “firm” or “strong.” Try a holding spray instead.

French Twist

This is a classic hairdo. The French Twist is a style that the ’70s loved.  The hair is slicked back, but there’s nothing that screams “2018” about this hairstyle. Having said that, the French Twist is the hairstyle women wear when there’s not much to do on a lazy day.

Cut the hair the same length if trying to look older. Layers create the appearance of full hair that is bouncy.

Should I get a shorter haircut?

Blunt Hairstyle

Age has a way of making the skin sag. If this is the case, then don’t wear the hair parted down the center. Instead of a middle part, part the natural hair down just a little further down the hairline. Find the spot that flatters the face shape and a style to match the personality.

The Half-Up Ponytail

It’s pretty much a mistake to try and pull off the ponytail without any feedback from friends and relatives. It gives the face an instant lift as it pulls the skin back. The neutral ground is right along the lines of a simple half-down look.

If wearing the half-up/half-down ponytail, leave hair down mostly but keep the section of hair by the hairline from the face. Secure the hair in the back for an upscale finish.

Teasing too Much

If anyone is still teasing their hair, their style should be updated to a modern look. Otherwise, it just makes a person look older.

Put together some ideas together for a cut and color. Discuss the options with a stylist for a look that will turn heads. Whether it’s long hair or short hair, there’s a cute style that will take years off your age. The longer the hair is currently, the more they’ll notice it when you get a shorter cut.

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