Trendy Women’s Hairstyles That Look Good on a Round Face

Since people are different, it only makes sense their bodies and faces look different, too. No two people are made the same, not even twins or triplets. One of the twins may have high cheekbones whereas the other may not. One twin may have short hair, but long hair is beautiful especially with a rounded face.

One twin may have chubby cheeks and a double chin while the opposite is true for the later sibling. Accepting that no one changes their appearance overnight, there are tricks that models and celebrities use to enhance their features and diminish their flaws.  It can be something simple as a haircut or hairstyle.

The most important factor is how a person feels about themselves. Confidence and self-esteem is something women need to put on before the makeup, weave, wig or color. However, a makeover can raise our spirits and give us the boost we need. The right hairstyle can be flattering.

Feeling a certain way because the face is round or chubby? Do you have thinning hair? Not to worry, there is a style and hair color that’ll make you look slimmer and fashionable. The key to be remembered is you don’t want to hide your face, but create the appearance of a longer, thinner face.

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The Right Hairstyles Look Good on a Round Face

The best hairstyles are the ones which make you feel good and match the personality. However, if this is puzzling, keep scrolling to find the right hairstyle for a round face. Don’t forget that texture and color play an important role in how a person looks. There are also hairstyles that suit brown eyes and styles that accent blue eyes. There are just so many different factors to consider.

Getting the right look could be as easy as getting another cut, adding layers and highlights. The stylist will know where to place the highlights to draw attention to the face to make it look slimmer. The highlights are done from the top while the darker shade remains underneath. It looks terrific from all angles.

While the shape of the face does help to determine the correct hairstyle, take into consideration the skin complexion and eye color. Someone with a round face and green eyes could pull off red hair and a messy hairdo. These are other factors which will help you to decide on great hairstyle on a round face.

Bangs are iffy. Anyone with a round face may want to avoid straight bangs. They make a face look wider than it is. If bangs are a must, then try elongated bangs. Long hair left dangling by the face can trim inches and years off the face.

Being a BBW,  it may be wiser to stay away from the sleek, compact hairdos. Add volume to the top of the hair. This will slim the face down. Keep scrolling to find out what a woman should know before deciding to endeavor a new look.

Things to Consider Before Getting a New Hairstyle

Find out if the face is oval, round, heart-shaped or square before continuing to get a new style. The stylist should be able to assist with this. However, it’s easy to figure out without anyone’s help. Check the jawline if unsure about the shape.

Determine the Shape of the Face

  • If the jawline stands out toward the side of the face, this is a square face. The fact Olivia Wilde has one should make a person feel better about the look.
  • If the jawline is like Christina Ricci’s, then it’s rounded. Trace the fingers alongside the ears to the chin to tell if the face is rounded or not.
  • Since the chin is pointy and the jaw goes up to an angle, then this is likely an oval face. A prime example is Sarah Jessica Parker. The experts assure us an oval face can wear any style and look their best.
  • Some people, including Reese Witherspoon, have a face in the shape of a heart. If not sure, outline the jawline on a piece of paper for a closer look.

Consider the Hair Texture

Whether someone has curly hair or coarse hair, there’s a style to frame the face perfectly. However, the expectations should be reasonable as someone with thin hair shouldn’t expect to have hair like Tracy Ellis Ross.

Take pictures of the celebrities and hairstyles to the stylist and find out if it’s appropriate for your hair type and face before deciding to cut the hair into that style.

Also, take into consideration the lifestyle. If there’s not much time to style the hair every morning, then choose something that’s wash and go. If there’s time to style, this leaves plenty of options available, including color.

The celebrity most talked about with this hairstyle is Kate Winslet.

Celebrity Round Face Hairstyles That Look Good

Kate Winslet’s Half Updo

One of the more popular and flattering hairstyles is the updo, but when there’s not enough hair, do the next best thing and add extensions. This style requires the length of the hair to be at least six inches.

To copy her style, following these instructions –

  • Apply styling lotion to damp hair but work it in throughout the hair and scalp. Comb through, so all of the hair has lotion on it. Then, using pin curls, style the hair. Part the hair into small sections and twist the hair using the fingers.
  • Next, pin to the scalp. Once the curl is released, waves will have formed in the hair. If needed, use the curling iron to fix curls. Pull hair back and pin to hold in place.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone has a cute cut that works well with her round face. It’s highly flattering mainly because of the illusion. Long hair makes a face look slimmer than it is. Straight hairstyles don’t give the hair volume on the sides.

With this said, the best cuts are the ones that fall below the chin and extend longer toward the shoulders. This cut just touches the collarbone, but the ends aren’t layered or blunted. They are snipped vertically.

Emma has choppy layers. However, the short layers should fall at the chin and should never be above the earlobe. Extra short layers make the cut seem fashionable. It also adds volume or lift to the sides of a person’s face.

What this does is make a face appear even wider, opposite of the desired effect. Make sure the layers blend in well together, so the ends are not visible.

Kirsten Dunst’s Short Hairstyle

Kirsten sports a pixie that’s great for thin hair. This hairstyle is easy to create. Using a fine-tooth comb, style the hair while it’s clean and wet. Take the fingers and rake over the hair. This will give the hair some texture. Let the hair air dry.

When it’s completely dry add a tiny amount of styling cream to style the bangs and slick the sides. Spray with finishing mist or hairspray. Spray the hairspray on the fingertips instead of the hair and apply to bangs.

Making a decision to wear straight, wavy or long hair? Waves make a round face less noticeable. It may be that the hair is naturally wavy, so there’s very little to do in this case. Scrunching the hair helps, providing it’s done just after shampooing the locks.

Parting the hair down the center will help move attention away from the chin or jawline. Make sure the hair length is just past or stops at the shoulders for the most effective cut.  If layering the hair, add the cut just along the jawline.

Hairstyles for Round Faces…

… Chubby

Remember, the eyes influence the way a new hair color will look on us. The transformation from a round face and to a slim one means knowing the right colors and cut. When done correctly, the locks will bounce, shine and frame the face, plus add definition.

Wearing a style incorrectly, can have the opposite effect and make a face stand out even more. Fixing this is a matter of knowing the shape of the face and what kind of personality the wearer has. Get a picture of what styles to investigate more by gathering photos of celebrity hairstyles.

The Shag

The shag haircut is almost the same as a layered haircut.  It works wonders on disguising a round face plus anyone with medium length hair can wear the style. The perfect length is between the chin and shoulders.  The stylist will cut layers more so at the crown of the head to give the hair a lift.

The lift is, so all eyes are on the hair and not on the face. Short, crisp, uneven layers in the front and back add volume and texture. Keep some layers long to prevent frizzing. Maintenance includes getting a trim every six weeks to eight weeks.

haircuts that make the face look slimmer

The Bob

The bob is about as old-fashioned as the bangs are but because it’s still a favorite style among women.  What’s unique about it is most people with any shaped face can wear a bob. There’s one thing to remember, however, and that is where to cut it to frame a round face – right at the chin.

Asymmetrical Bob

Wondering what the asymmetrical bob looks like? Picture a short bob, short in the back and long in the front. To get the perfect look, part the hair down the middle.  This way the hair falls on both sides of the face, giving it a nice frame.

The Curly Bob

Who doesn’t love a curly hairstyle? This is by far one of the simplest hairstyles that look good on a round face. But to pick it up a notch, women add layers of color to the locks. Brown hair and blonde highlighting is a no-brainer – women ask for it without much forethought.

Fortunately, it works well with a warm skin tone and turns attention to the eyes instead of the chin. The curly bob is low maintenance and plenty of bounce.

slimming haircuts for chubby faces

The A-Line with Layers

The ombre hairstyle and the layered A-line ranks high on the list of women’s hairstyles that look good on a chubby face. It virtually removes pounds and inches from the face instantly. The special technique used to create the A-line preserves the hair’s length but what if the hair is thinning?

Side Fringes and Waves that Feather

Long hair looks good on a round-looking face. In fact, feathered waves make this cut stand out and the face slimmer. It’s as close to perfect as anyone could come. The short bob and side fringe is a favorite combination of many stylists and women because it hides evidence of thinning hair.

Sweeping Side Bangs and Subtle Waves

The bangs are still popular after all these years. However, the side sweep is taking the short to medium length hairstyles to new heights. This hairstyle is fabulous on so many levels. Cut right, and it will take away some of the attention off the face and onto the hair. Don’t forget the highlights!

Anyone who wants to look slimmer in the face should wear side bangs that sweep to the left or the right. It’s one of the better ways stylists know how to make facial features appear smaller. Of course, a parting on the side, rather than the middle, draws the attention to the hair rather than the face.

The waves add just a little lift or body to the hair especially if it’s ordinarily worn straight. Straight hair will make thinning hair look limp. Adding curves or waves to the hair will give the effect of thicker locks. Creating this hairstyle won’t take long.

Part the hair at least an inch away from the center of the head and brush the hair to the left or the right. That’s a personal decision left up to the one who wears this style. Take the curling iron and make loose waves with it. Use the one-inch wide barrel but don’t curl the bangs.

Flip them out or in but also avoid a blunt-cut. A blunt cut will put emphasizes on the face just like a middle part will.

Uneven Layers

Having even layers is not necessary. In fact, women think having multiple size layers adds dimension and depth to the hair. It doesn’t matter if the hair is curly or straight, layers will work for someone with a round face.

Part It on the Opposite Side

If the part is always on the left, switch it up a bit and do a middle par or part the other side. The way the hair is parted gives a simple haircut a twist.  Opt for a messy part (zig-zag) to jazz the hairstyle up. Kerry Washington part softens her face while creating the illusion of a longer face.

… to Look Slim

Made a decision about a hairstyle or haircut? If not, try these hairstyle tips for a round face:

The Pixie

The Pixie is the cutest hairstyle for short hair ever. With the right color, this can be one of the most stunning and most straightforward hairstyles that look good on a round face. Mix it with some cool or warm colors and taper the sides. Do that, and this style will be a hit.

Long Bob

The hair touches just below the jawline in a long bob or “lob.” It’s easily one of the most desired styles to elongate the face.

Layers That Frame the Face

Layers cut to frame the face balances the weight of the face and the hair. In other words, it’s one of those haircuts that make a face look slimmer. Topped with a middle part, long layered hairstyles that fall underneath the chin elongates the face.  The bonus is the face looks younger as well.

Up with the Updo

Face-slimming haircuts are fine, but a vertical style updo adds dimension to the face. The attention is more so on the hair than it is the face. Leave a little hair out on the sides to soften the face.

Soft Waves

Straight hair and tight curls work for people who want their faces to look small or wider. With this in mind, this is not the style for someone with a rounded face. Soft waves hang loose and frame the face as well as a layered look. Make sure the curls are going away from the face.

… and Thin Hair

Long layers of hair are best when it comes to hairstyles for fine hair plus a round face. Why? Because they add depth and volume to hair that is limp and fine. It makes a face look thinner, and it adds some extra definition for a refined look. The different lengths of hair give the style that body it’s looking for.

When finished, the hairstyle will appear to be full and thick.  But don’t try this at home if this is the first time doing a cut. Leave it to the professionals if to get the best style and results. Ideally, the stylist will not trim off too much of the hair. The length needed for this style is just below the shoulders.

… Double Chins

Stylist provides tips to make the hair thicker. They suggest adding volume, particularly at the top. In order someone disguises their round face, they must choose a style which gives the appearance of them having an oval face.  The hair should be worn wavy, and the layers should be shoulder length.

The fat around the neck has visible signs of sagging. This creates wrinkles and a second chin. Most people call it a double chin. Older women may have sagged as well, but it’s most common in people who are overweight. However, it’s not limited to obese individuals with loose skin.

Short Hairstyles

Detracting from a double chin is tricky in some cases. Having short hair makes it easier though. By having short hair or a short hairstyle, it pulls the person’s eyes away from the face and places it on the person with the haircut. It’s all about balancing the hair and face. Plus short hair makes most people look younger. If this is the case, try pixies and boy cuts to slim the face.

Medium-length Hairstyles

Hiding a double chin with medium-length hair is a cinch, but it has to be done at the right length. The hair must go past the chin in order this style look good on a round face. The best hairstyle, in this case, is one that is longer than the chin.

Long Hairstyles

Using the same principles with long hairstyles as medium-length ones for a double chin. The hair must achieve a certain length to look good.

Layers are always great, and they flatter the face and cheekbones.  With this said, you don’t want fringes that go across the forehead or in the middle at all.  The fringes only make the center of the face more visible and so will the chin and round face.

Opt out for the bangs or otherwise go with a sweeping, side part bang. This will show some of your forehead, but make a face look younger and longer.

… Plus Size Hair Cuts

The one thing most stylists agree on for plus size haircuts is layers. Hair that’s all the same length doesn’t have the same appeal as a layered look.  They make a face seem slimmer and leaves it looking softer overall.

Some say, the edgier the better when it comes to fringes and short hair. Stay away from styles that require blunt cuts or fringes. They make a face wider and rounder. This is not the look a plus size model was aiming for. Try feathering the bangs if wearing any or using the side sweep.

For the BBW who has or wants short hair, ask the style professional about a style or cut below the chin. Avoid cutting directly at the chin as this will surely bring most of the attention to that area of the face and neck.

Wavy hair is beautiful, right? But is it right for the larger woman? Definitely! This hairstyle softens the face.  It makes it appear longer and gives volume to the hair. This is terrific for people who have naturally wavy hair. To get waves, try crimping the hair or a thick curling iron.

Hairstyles that Look Good Make a Person Feel Good

If searching for a new color or style, check out the celebrities and their hairstyles for inspiration. Remember, however, plenty of celebrities wear weaves and wigs. Cutting the hair may not be the best option or solution if someone is just wanting a temporary style and cut.

In fact, wearing a wig may be the best answer prior committing to a hairstyle that will look good on a round face. Bring all the pictures that interest you to the appointment and talk it over with the stylist. Maybe the look will need extensions, maybe some color or a particular cut.

In either case, be reasonable and realistic in picking a women’s hairstyle that looks good. Short hair is almost effortless to maintain. It doesn’t take long to dry or style either. There are many reasons to get a haircut or a new hairstyle. Think about it before making a significant change.

Before deciding on a cut, make sure this is the way to go. Many women decide to cut their long hair on a whim and regret it the moment the first snip is made. Once it’s done, it can’t be taken back. Again, a wig or hair extensions can be applied to the hair to help get the best look for a round face.

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