What Color Hair Always Looks REALLY Good with Brown Eyes?

Wearing the same hair color with brown eyes every day is like wearing the same shoes throughout the year. Sure, the shoes become comfortable, almost like second nature, but it’s tiresome. The same shoe or color is okay, but every once in a while, change can be a good thing.

Women think about what’s it’s like to wear a different hair color for hazel eyes. Changing it up a bit will enhance the overall appearance. Depending on what color someone chooses, it will either complement their eyes or take away from them. The right color will add character to the hair.

It doesn’t have to be a significant change, but changing it up may lift a person’s spirits and confidence. Wearing the right color makes a huge difference in how people see themselves and how others view them.

There are so many shades of brown that it can become confusing for the average person to pick out a color for the first time. However, there are steps to take before making the big switch. Wondering if you should go a shade lighter or darker?

Well, before making a color change, know which is the best color for your skin complexion.

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Best Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Determining the best hair color for skin tone is not difficult. For instance, if someone has light brown hair or blonde to dark blonde hair, highlights may be the way to go. Try low-lights instead of highlights, especially if the original hair color is blonde. Just the same, see a stylist for help.

  • Pro Tip: People wonder about the celebrities and how they manage to wear such gorgeous-looking hair. Then they wonder if that color and style would look just as good on them. Whatever style is trending, the color of the hair is what makes it pop. The hair’s natural color is not far from the eye color. Not many people know this, but it’s true. The best shade for brown eyes is naturally, brown. Some individuals may think brown is boring or basic, but this is not true either.

A dark brown can flatter most all skin complexions and is best worn by people with dark brown eyes. The right shade will add dimensions and shine to the hair. Remember the shades should complement the eyes and the skin tone so, the change can be dramatic or small.

For some people with brown eyes, shades of red will work in their favor. Rust, ginger or gold is perfect for the warm skin complexions. Have brown eyes and blonde hair? Try going platinum or another favorite, ash blonde. Don’t forget the time it takes to process platinum hair or maintenance.

Things to Know Before Coloring Your Hair

Coloring the hair for the first time can cause anxiety no matter if it’s a box job or a visit to the stylist.

This is why reading these tips are a must:

  1. The day before coloring, use a hair mask. This will leave the hair hydrated and ready for processing. Leave it in just a bit longer than usual to get more benefits from the moisture.
  2. Try a semi-permanent color or add delicate highlights to intensify original hair color. It will fade, and it’s not as high maintenance as some of the other dyes and color treatments.
  3. When the hair color changes so will the texture of the hair. After processing, the hair may be more manageable and plump. Yes, it will add volume to the hair as the dye opens the hair follicles, making it easier to deal with.
  4. Swap out regular shampoos and conditioners for the ones suited for color-treated hair. Maintenance is important because no one wants to lose their hair. There are also dry shampoos for colored hair that you can use when pressed for time.

Hazel eyes are beautiful by themselves, but with an olive complexion, they are breathtaking. With this in mind, what’s the best hair color for hazel eye and olive skin? Could it be blonde, brunette or an ombre style of coloring? How about a shade of red? This combination is hot!

A pair of dark green hazel eyes can pull off a bright auburn or if the eyes are bright green. They eyes will surely stand out and so will the hair. If something complementary is more the style in mind, try a dark shade of red. Stay away from shades of blonde. Go with the darker colors.

Black is even an elegant color of hair for someone with hazel eyes. It brings out the best in gray eyes, hazel green eyes and even hazel brown eyes. Whatever the color maybe, choose one that doesn’t take away from the eye color, but instead, enhance it.

How Can You Tell if a Hair Color Will Suit You?

This is the question that prevents many people from dying their hair or trying out new colors. How can a person tell if the new color will look good on them? It starts with knowing their skin tone. Notice the color of the veins along the wrist or under the arm.

Most will see green. If this is the case, then the skin tone is warm. However, if the color is blue, then the undertones are blue. If both of the colors are visible in the veins, then the skin tone is neutral. If the skin is of a pinkish nature, red or blonde is not the color to wear. That was pretty simple, right?

Be that as it may, this person should wear a color that neutralizes the pigmentation of the skin. Perhaps an ash color will be more effective in showing off the eyes and toning down the shades of pink. On the positive side, the pale skin works with almost any shade.

  • Pro Tip: Are you looking for something more eye-catching? Don’t dye it black! Avoid dark shades like the plague. For those who have dark skin, choosing a color means being a bit more particular about the shades. The difference the right highlights or hair color makes are incredible. Color just does something special.

The color of a person’s hair brings out even their clothing style. Colors that are bright such as orange, yellow or green will do well with strawberry blonde, golden blonde and auburn hair colors.

Here are some hairstyles for women with a round face.

Hot Color Trends

What’s hot and what’s not depends on which celebrities are wearing what colors. People tend to do what famous people do when it comes to style, fashion, and beauty. It could be platinum, bright shades, low-lights or an ombre hair color. Keep reading to find the hottest trends in hair color.

Balayage Hair Color

This is an art for the most part, and the style is widely popular. As one of the latest methods of highlighting the hair, plenty of celebs like Reese Witherspoon are wearing Balayage hair color. They seem to prefer this approach instead of foils. The best part is anyone can wear it.

Pastel Shades

Pastel colors are pretty, aren’t’ they? What about in the hair? Women are doing it up with streaks of pastels, pastel washes and surprisingly, Kool-Aid hair colors. But not everyone is ready to go all the way yet, and are opting for highlights only. Some use temporary colors just to be on the safe side.


Maybe babylights or lowlights are new to some people, and that’s okay. They are small sections of the hair which is highlighted or painted on. Because of this, some of the strands or locks are thicker than the others. This could be the selling point for some women as they are looking for texture, style, and color.

Brunette Hair

Brunettes have the versatility others don’t.  It’s easiest for them to transition to an ombre or bronde shades.  Also, the French Brown made simple work with three shades of brown or brunette hair color. This Balayage creates a three-dimensional effect of natural browns.

Subtle Ombre

The Sombre as it’s called it nothing more than a delicate ombre. It’s trending wherever anyone goes, but it’s certainly on the red carpet. Lily Aldridge wears the sombre with style, and it makes a terrific option for girls with brown hair and brown eyes. The subtle ombre is a choice for many women.

Platinum Blondes

Has everyone gone platinum mad lately? It seems like they have done. The color is evermore popular recently no matter who is wearing it. Blondes are going lighter, taking the color by storm. However, this is a color which needs tender loving care, and not everyone can pull the color off successfully.

Many in the African-American community are taking to the style and adding even tones and highlights. These women tint, highlight and weave to make use of colors and textures. Putting color in the hair has never been easier than adding a weft or two of color.

dark brown eyes and light colored skinBronde

Bronde is not a new color. In fact, it’s a combination of two colors similar to an ombre, but in this case, the two colors are brown and blonde, hence the name, bronde. It’s the perfect solution to wearing a hairpiece or growing out color.

Rose Gold Hair

Plenty of women love the color rose gold but is it appropriate to wear in the hair? Thousands believe it is. Since red is in, they are using the time to show off deep shades of red with gold highlights. The idea is just genius. Now is the time to go red if anyone was ever going to do it.

Best Hair Colors for Brown Eyes and …

… Olive Skin

Want to know the best colors for olive skin and brown eyes? Selecting the right color or shade for someone who has olive skin means using warm tones. Women and men who have yellow or gold undertones feel they glow with warmer colors.

  1. For those who have olive skin, green eyes are flattering especially while wearing brown hair. Actually, a person can have dark brown eyes or amber eyes and pull off many shades of brown hair colors.
  2. Shades of brown hair on people with olive skin look good. Lily Rose Depp is a prime example of a three-dimensional hair color. She wears a (burnt) brown but uses red and pink undertones. Because it’s not an overwhelmingly bright color, it’s a gorgeous shade for the winter season.
  3. Blonde colors are popular among women who have warm and cool skin tones.
  4. Shades of reds are a favorite as well. Not every shade will look good on the same two people so selecting the right hue is essential. Isla Fisher is a champagne-y and it’s fantastic on her.  Anyone can go from a brunette to this shade effortlessly, and the effects won’t be so overpowering.
  5. Golden blondes or caramel and mocha browns are excellent colors for people with warm skin tones. Also, shades of copper, including gold and red or auburn turn heads.

Kim Kardashian has dark brown hair with a hint of Auburn.  Not sure if her hairstyle and fall colors are why heads are turning, but she looks good regardless.

… Fair Skin

Complement the skin, facial features and brown eyes with the right hair color. Since the face is the first thing we notice about people, it all needs to be on point. Keep scrolling to find tips on what color hair looks good with brown eyes and fair skin.

Blonde Hair Colors

Who hasn’t wondered if blondes have more fun? So much so, people try it, and most love it. Blonde hair and fair skin, it’s safe to say, utterly match with perfection. Happily, many women turn to professionals tips before adding blonde shades to enhance their eyes.

Warm tones love blondes – strawberry blondes, sandy blondes and even golden blondes. More to the point, blondes with blue eyes! With that said, notice Gwen Stefani’s platinum color. Her skin tone allows her to wear this color with red lipstick. In fact, she knocks the look out of the ballpark.


Women with red hair plus skin that is fair are beautiful this way. The two kind of goes together. The warmness of the pale complexion and the red color is nostalgic. Can anyone imagine someone with green eyes and red hair? Ingenious! The two colors enhance each other.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bright red or a lighter-colored red. Are you looking for an example? See Maggie Rizer’s hair. As a supermodel, she’s leading the runway with her style and color.

stunning hair colors for brown eyes

Dark Hair

Do dark hair and fair skin match? Yes, it does! The two colors together bring a specific mystical look to the person. Go dark brown or black especially if the person has dark brown or black eyes for a more blended look.

… Brown Skin

The best looks are the ones that are not so dramatic, or so some people think.  For those people, the goal should be to bring out the eyes while still looking as natural as possible. Brown eyes are the best because of the shades of brown.  Some women like lighter shades and others prefer dark shades.

The aim is to complement, not cover up. A person shouldn’t have to go the extremes to look their best. People should look and perhaps stare, but they shouldn’t be shocked by anyone’s makeup or hair color. With this in mind, choose a dye which is closest to the original hair color and the eyes.

… Light Brown Eyes

Light brown eyes are pretty, aren’t they? One of the best things about them is the person who has them can dye their hair almost any color and look great. It still does depend on the skin tone, but a light blonde or a medium brown will bring out the best in a person.

To add some zest and zeal, throw in some highlights or some lowlights. Everyone loves the way Rihanna does her hair. Rihanna’s hair had a slight touch of brown and dark brown in it. With her skin tone, this is absolute perfection.

… Dark Brown Eyes

The lighter-colored skin should use cool and natural colors. If using anything other than a natural palette, stay within one or two shades close to the original hair color. Medium skin people with brown eyes can style dark blonde hair in many ways, so it shows off the highlights properly.

The winter months almost call for neutral tones. In the summer, use cool tones. This can either be a lowlight or a highlight. Someone who has a dark complexion, stylists believe their skin tones is a palette. It makes their eyes the center of attention. Use dark shades of black or a dark brown.

Want something just a little different? Try adding (medium) brown highlights. A key point to remember is not going too far off with the highlights. Zendaya is a beautiful young lady, and to her credit, she’s wearing the best shades for brunettes with brown eyes these days.

… Brown Eyes and Freckles

Determining the skin tone or type is important before anyone dyes their hair. If the skin looks somewhat yellowish, then that person has a warm and light skin tone with a peach or golden tone. People who have this complexion blush easily and could have freckles.

The shades for people with this tone have a sheen that’s golden. In this case, avoid ash colors and go for a warmer shade. The ideal colors are golden brown, honey blonde, and copper tones. Want to step it up a notch? Color with shades of red lowlights, blonde, and copper.

Warm reddish tones are excellent because it’s not so dark it’s overly dramatic. However, the look can be worn by some (cool) skin types. Those who look amazing with freckles are the deep bronze tones. They also have a golden or yellowish tint to their skin color.

Add to that a person’s green or peacock blue eyes, and it makes magic. It’s not often to see someone with lighter shades of blue eyes. To accent, the color of the locks, use warm or soft reds and copper.  More so, a chestnut brown or copper and gold are a hit with brown eyes and freckles.

Hair coloring that suit women with chestnut colored eyes

… When Aging

Some professional stylists believe softer colors look better on people as they age.  Their best beauty advice is to avoid blonde, platinum or black dyes as they make other signs of aging visibly. One of the recent trends was centered around girls choosing gray at any age by coloring their hair.

What some people may or may not think about is the skin complexion changes as a person ages. The moment someone starts to go gray, the strands turn darker. This means the skin is making preparations to suffer a loss of pigment. By the time a person is gray, so shall their skin tone become lighter.

Perhaps this is not how a young person thinks of hair color, but to prevent some of the common mistakes, they should remember these key points. Every part belonging to the body ages and goes through a transformation.

When coloring the hair, remember to stay within at least two levels of dark and light colors from the present or original hair color. This way, mistakes are less likely to happen. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with daring to be bold.  Do it by using cool tones and highlights.

Tips for Lasting Hair Color

  • Refrain from washing the hair too much. The color washes away with each shampooing
  • Use essential oils to maintain smooth, soft, healthy hair
  • Clean hair before coloring, so the chemicals take full advantage of open follicles
  • Think more about lowlights or highlighting the hair. Color adds texture and depth
  • Air dry rather than use artificial heat like hair dryers and hot irons
  • Use a professional, especially if this is the first time, for best results
  • Use a protectant against sun rays or UV rays. Stops color from fading away

What to wear? Black, of course, and pine green clothes plus shades of blue go well for someone who has a cool tone to their hair.

The burgundy, ash blonde or ash brown and platinum hair colors are what experts say complement cool tones as well. If purple is more anyone’s speed, try charcoal gray outfits. Plus, neutral tones work well with the hair color. Mahogany, beige blondes, and even chocolate browns can be fascinating colors.win

Making the Decision to Color

Don’t forget the eye color plays a significant role in deciding to color the hair. The iris tells it all. The warm tones of hair colors consist of gold, reds, and brown or hazel eyes. Consider those colors because of the yellowish brown base.

Cool tones are perfect for someone with gray or blue eyes. The blue base is what pops. To go to light from dark, usually, stylists use foils as an option. In fact, it may be the best choice. Another way to do add pizzazz is to add plenty of colors or in other words, balayage.

This style is for those who don’t want to frequent the salon but want layers of different hair colors. The best looking highlights are those that are multidimensional. Many are wearing the bronde hair colors. This style works for women who don’t want to change all of their colors at once.

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