Is a Scalp Massage Good for Hair Growth?

There are many different solutions for preventing hair loss or encouraging hair growth. It starts with the right kind of hair care routine and taking care of your overall health. But, a scalp massage can also help to encourage hair growth.

Think about the benefits of a massage. They are designed to increase blood flow and improve circulation. They help to bring blood more readily to the surface of the skin. When the scalp receives more blood flow, it helps to promote the healthy growth of your hair, naturally. So, it is the perfect option if you are currently experiencing slower-than-average hair growth.

If you experience baldness, or just want to encourage more hair growth, consider adding scalp massages to your routine. You can either choose to get a professional massage or learn how to massage your scalp properly to get the most benefits. You could soon achieve a thicker and fuller head of hair.

Massaging your scalp can help with things like male or female pattern baldness, and help to reduce your stress levels, which will also encourage proper hair growth. There are so many benefits to this simple action, and it doesn’t take long to do to achieve those benefits. If you’re looking for an affordable at-home product, we recommend the Vitagoods Scalp Massager. It’s ideal for use when shampooing the hair while taking a shower.

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What Can Be Done to Promote Hair Growth?

Healthy hair growth starts from within. Massaging your scalp can help to promote growth, but you’ll see even better results if you take additional steps along with it. Use the following tips to encourage even more hair growth, and reduce the effects of thinning or baldness.

  • Stay hydrated – When you aren’t properly hydrated, your skin cells can’t function as efficiently as they should. They fail to reproduce and grow at an adequate rate, which can affect hair growth. Aim to consume between six and eight cups of water a day to stay fully hydrated. You’ll see the benefits in your skin, and you’ll likely notice that your hair looks softer and shinier.
  • Eat the right foods – If you want to encourage hair growth, start eating more foods that can help. Hair is made up of different proteins, so getting enough healthy proteins in your diet is essential. This includes things like nuts, lean meats, eggs, etc. You should also consume foods with high amounts of Vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron. If you can’t regularly get these nutrients in your diet, consider a multivitamin supplement to make things easier.
  • Use the right hair products – Many hair care products contain harsh chemicals that can strip your scalp of the nutrients it needs. Even if your diet is great, using the wrong products can offset it. The more natural the products you can find, the better. Be sure to choose products that won’t dry out the scalp, and instead encourage hydration.
  • Avoid using too much heat – Not only can styling tools like flat irons, hair dryers, and curlers damage your hair, but they can inhibit hair growth. Don’t use these tools every day if possible. When you do use them, be sure to apply a protectant spray beforehand.
  • Choose a healthy hairstyle – If you often pull your hair back or style it by tightly pulling it into a ponytail, braids, etc., you could be doing damage to the follicles. Not only could this result in pain or tenderness of the scalp, but it may cause some hair thinning. Try to use styles that are looser to keep your hair thriving.

Can Massaging My Scalp Prevent Hair Loss?

Depending on the condition(s) causing hair thinning or loss, scalp massages can lessen the effects in most cases. This article will focus on how a simple scalp massage can make a big difference in the growth of your hair, and how to give yourself a massage correctly.

Many individuals who are dealing with hair loss or thinning are starting to turn toward massage for help. If you’re struggling with hair growth, you can get the same benefits with just a bit of information.

What Are the Benefits of Massaging the Scalp?

Again, the main reason a scalp massage encourages hair growth is that it increases blood flow and circulation. When more is happening near the surface of the skin and the hair follicles, it promotes the healthy growth of your hair.

A good massage can also condition the scalp, and help to strengthen the roots of your hair. This makes it more difficult for hair to fall out or be pulled out easily. Kneading the scalp also helps to open up the hair follicles more, allowing them to soak in more necessary nutrients to be strong and healthy. So, not only does it encourage new growth, but it protects the hair already on your head.

Finally, most people are quick to associate a massage with relaxation, and the action on the scalp is no different. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels, which allows your body to function properly and more efficiently. When it’s able to do that, it encourages the hair follicles to grow healthy locks.

How to Correctly Massage Your Scalp for Hair Growth

While almost any attention to the scalp can be beneficial, there are certain steps to follow to get the best results and assume the benefits of really kneading the skin at the top of your head. Use the steps below to promote hair growth and reduce stress properly.

  1. Choose your preference – you can massage your scalp when it’s dry, or wet. Some people choose to do it right after they’ve washed their hair, as a part of a routine. This is a great time to do it since the hair is free from chemical styling products. You can even perform the massage as part of a conditioning routine with a hydrating conditioner in your hair. Just be sure to rinse it out completely when you are done.
  2. Spread your fingers apart and place your fingertips directly on the scalp. Extend them and contract in and out two to three times in each spot, before moving to different areas of the scalp. Leave your fingertips touching the skin at all times. Alternatively, you can use circular motions on the crown of your head with your fingertips. Be sure to avoid using your nails or letting them accidentally scratch your skin.
  3. For additional benefits, add a few drops of essential oil to your massage, such as lavender oil. This will not only promote relaxation but can also help to moisturize the scalp and protect it. You can also run coconut oil through your hair and scalp as a natural moisturizing agent. It also works as an antifungal solution that can help to clear up different conditions, such as dry scalp.
  4. Continue this method for a minimum of three minutes, or for as long as you’d like. Repeat as often as necessary. You can increase the time or frequency of your massages as needed. For instance, if you find yourself under a lot of stress, a quick massage can help to alleviate your nerves while continuing to encourage hair growth.

How to massage the scalp for better hair growth

Are There Any Drawbacks?

As long as you only use your fingertips and never your fingernails, there is minimal risk in giving yourself a scalp massage. However, there are some precautions to keep in mind.

If you have a skin condition, such as scalp psoriasis or eczema, you may want to clear it with your doctor before rubbing your fingers on your scalp. These conditions can come with patches of scaly skin that may flake off, or easily get cut open with the wrong kind of pressure. This could lead to infection or further irritation. While a massage might feel soothing at first, for some people, it may create additional unnecessary inflammation.

In most cases, however, there are no adverse effects to regularly massaging your scalp. If you’re worried about scratching yourself, you can seek out the assistance of a professional massage therapist.

What Is the Best Electric Scalp Massager?

If you don’t want a deeper massage, you might consider an electric scalp massager for hair growth. They can do the work of kneading for you, applying consistent pressure all over. They also eliminate the risk of accidentally scratching your skin with your fingernails.

While there are many massager varieties on the market, one of the best is the Vitagoods Scalp Massager. Not only does this personal massager offer a deep kneading technique, but you can control the pressure to your exact comfort level. Plus, because it’s waterproof, you can use it in the shower as a part of your routine.

It is also convenient and portable, so no matter where you are, you can get a great massage. It’s easy to use, so you can get the benefit of a scalp massage as often as you’d like, without having to do it yourself.

Will Hair Benefit from Kneading the Scalp?

As you can see, there are multiple benefits associated with giving yourself a scalp massage. Not only can a proper massage reduce your stress levels, but it will increase blood flow throughout your scalp. This can improve the condition of your skin, and encourage the growth of healthy hair by stimulating the follicles.

Whether you struggle with hair loss, or you just want to promote healthy hair growth, giving yourself a scalp massage with the Vitagoods Scalp Massager can be a relaxing and extremely beneficial experience. It’s a great step to include in your regular hair care routine.

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