How to Grow Hair Faster and Thicker in a Month

Everyone wants to know how to grow hair faster and thicker… in a month! We may think that it’s a hoax, but it’s possible to get MUCH quicker results. Some people have thin strands, some suffer from hair loss, and others experience both at the same time.

Many factors tie into how quickly or slowly our hair grows. If it’s not stress and anxiety, a hormonal imbalance or vitamin deficiency could be the cause. People use the wrong products for their hair, or they don’t perform routine hair care.

The good news is that there are ways to grow thicker hair quicker. Consider home remedies for thin hair and store-bought hair care products to help strengthen and grow thick hair fast. They do need to be carefully assessed as they don’t all deliver the results that you need.

The hair care industry is a passionate business. In light of this, can anyone explain why some manufacturers put harmful chemicals in their products? They market their brands as the best system to make the hair grow thick and strong. But, they add sodium laurel and sulfates to their shampoos as well. This is a harsh chemical and should not be included in anyone’s shampoo. This will only damage the hair further.

While we all want stronger and healthier hair, some products should be avoided. There are ways to make sure that the hair grows at a faster rate and remains healthy. Let’s take a closer look at what we should expect.

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How Fast Does Your Hair Grow in a Month?

The hair usually grows about 0.5 in (1.25 cm) in a month. This averages out to be about six inches in a year or 15 cm. Older people tend to have slow growth, so the average is not as much for them. Hair growth is possible because of cell division.

The new cells boost the hair, making it longer beginning at the root of the hair. Each person has approximately 100,000 hairs on their head. They will live for about six years if they are healthy. However, most individuals lose about 100 of those hairs daily.

It sort of balances out as when one falls out, another is born. Know that there are three stages of hair growth:

  • Anagen – New hair forming
  • Catagen – Hair stops growing due to lack of cell division
  • Telogen – When the old hair starts to fall out

How to Make Hair Thick and Long in One Month

It’s not uncommon for anyone to lose their hair due to illness, over-shampooing, dry, and brittle strands. People worry about it mainly because hair is a big deal when it comes to the appearance. Men and women who have thinning hair want to correct the problem. Here’s how:

1] Avoid Stress

Stress is a leading factor in hair growth or lack thereof. It will surely take the hair out in patches. Stress releases cortisol, which makes the hair fall out. Get a handle on stress, and it will stop the hair from coming out.

2] Don’t Brush Wet Hair

Hair is most delicate when it’s wet, so you should avoid brushing the hair when it’s wet. Therefore, brushing the hair just after shampooing is a no-no because the hair is weak. Hair, when wet, will break when stretched too far. Wait until it’s dry to brush and use a wide-tooth comb to help detangle the strands.

3] Straighten the Hair

Women with naturally curly hair or black hair have the most hidden new growth. Curly hair is longer when pulled or straightened with a flat iron. To take advantage of the extra volume, the hair should be straightened or relaxed starting with the roots.

4] Massage the Scalp

Massaging the scalp promotes hair growth.  But by adding coconut oil on the scalp, the hair will grow faster and thicker. Warm the oil first, but avoid overheating it. Next, apply to scalp and rub in up to 10 minutes.  Repeat weekly for eight weeks for maximum results.

5] Avoid Styling Tools with Heat

The majority of styling tools involve heat. People blow dry almost as often as they wash the hair. This makes the hair thin out because of the constant pulling on the roots. Instead of using heat to dry the hair, let it dry naturally. Only use heated tools for special occasions. Here are some tips on how to straighten the hair without heat.

6] Condition the Roots

Knowing that the hair is well hydrated gives the person a sense of surety that their hair will grow healthy. The hair has a low probability of breaking or splitting when it is receiving proper nutrients, minerals, and water. Deep condition the hair at least once per week.

7] Exercising

This may surprise a lot of people, but exercising increases hair growth. Because a vigorous workout increases blood circulation, the scalp receives this attention as well. The stimulation prompts hair growth, and it grows stronger and thicker even by working out twice a week.

8] Hydrate the Body

The body needs water to function correctly, including making the hair grow. Drink up to 10 glasses every day but not less than 8 for maximum benefits. It’s one of the healthiest ways to encourage hair growth.

9] Avoiding Medications

Some medications can either take the hair out or make it grow faster and thicker. Birth control pills are the worst for thinning the hair. At the same time, a pregnant woman’s hair will grow faster because of the vitamins she takes during pregnancy.

10] Lose the Sulfates

Chose shampoos that are sulfate-free. The shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates has a better impact on the hair. Avoid putting too many harsh chemicals on the hair and try to maintain the natural oils the scalp produces.

Most shampoos are supposed to remove the buildup caused by the hair care products. But the shampoos should remove grime from the scalp and not strip the strands. When not able to wash, use a dry shampoo in between time to keep scalp and hair looking clean and fresh.

11] Peppermint Oil

Again, a scalp massage is excellent when trying to grow the hair longer and thicker. However, by adding peppermint oil hair growth is possible at a faster rate. The peppermint should incite a tingling feeling on the scalp. This is how to know if the blood is flowing in the right places.

Food And Vitamins for Hair Growth and Thickness

The hair plays a significant role in a person’s appearance. While we are not our hair, it certainly has a lot to do with how people view us. Many are devastated by hair loss as they take pride in the condition and the visual aspect of their hair.

Besides using the home remedies, there are other recourses people can take to gain thicker and longer hair in a month. Remember, poor eating habits, stress and the environment have a true impact on the hair, but so can a vitamin deficiency. Yes, a person’s diet affects the hair.

To help grow hair naturally, eat more veggies and fruits. Add whole grains, chicken, fish and lean meats. Keep in mind that water is the hair’s best friend. Experts suggest drinking at least eight bottles of water each day, but don’t overdo it. Too much of anything is bad for you, including water.

Well, buying a ton of hair care products, start by adding more foods containing vitamins and antioxidants.  Also, try these vitamins for growing the hair thick naturally.

1] Iron

The relationship between hair loss and a vitamin deficiency suggest that a lack of iron could be the underlying cause or at least related to two types of alopecia.  Increasing iron intake could render healthy, thick hair.

2] Vitamin D

Alopecia areata is typical of someone with a vitamin D deficit.  Surprising, vitamin D is a type of hormone that has a significant part in the role of calcium homeostasis and cell growth.

3] Rosemary Oil

This essential oil is imperative to grow hair faster and thicker in a month.  It increases cellular metabolism which, in turn, stimulates the scalp for faster growth.

4] Vitamin C

Stress has a role in aging, would anyone agree? Oxidative stress takes its toll on the hair as well. As people age, they produce more free radicals, plus antioxidative enzymes. Without vitamin C, they lose the fight that ultimately damages the cellular makeup and contributes to gray hair and a person’s hair loss. Increase vitamin C for thicker hair.

How fast does your hair grow in a month?

5] Zinc

The compound has been in use for hundreds of years in the treatment of alopecia areata, telogen effluvium and other kinds of hair loss. Zinc speeds up the growth process as it works on the hair follicles or the roots of the hair.  Locks are thicker, and the hair grows longer.

6] Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish oil. The fish oil then treats the hair and skin by reducing any inflammation that would interfere with hair growth or hair thickening. Fish oil is one of the top supplements for growing hair faster and thicker in a month.

7] Biotin

B5 and biotin are alternatives for thickening the hair. The biotin reconstructs the hair which has been damaged by heat from the sun, the curling iron, blow dryer and the effects of over-shampooing.  One of the many things that make biotin great is the vitamin is water-soluble.

If anyone wants to grow their hair, the one common ingredient in most hair care supplements is biotin. It works to improve the nails, skin, and hair, so there are added benefits. Adding biotin, rosemary oil, vitamins, and peppermint oil together will increase chances of hair growth tremendously.

To reduce hair loss, mostly what would help anyone is getting rid of or minimizing the stress elements in their lives. There are numerous home remedies to grow your hair faster that include particular vitamins and herbs.

With that said, the same vitamins discussed earlier are in most pills used for hair growth. Many people just take the vitamins instead of the supplement or use home remedies like these:

8] Indian Gooseberry

Looking to maintain the hair or give it a boost? Try Indian Gooseberry for the healthiest scalp ever. The compound has antioxidant and exfoliating agents as well as anti-inflammatory properties. These things will improve growth and make the strands grow thicker.

9] Avocado

The avocado is much more than a great-tasting fruit.  It’s used to make the hair grow stronger and thicker, plus it provides moisture to the hair and gives it body. Yay! Avocado has vitamin E in it, so it contributes to the total healthiness of the hair. How to use it? Very simple.

  1. With one avocado mashed and one banana mashed, mix with a tablespoon of pure olive oil.
  2. When it’s consistent, use the fingertips to massage it into the hair.
  3. Massage for half hour, allowing the goodness of the oils to set in.
  4. Rinse first, then shampoo out.

Once a week, make a mask to help soothe and hydrate the hair. Mix wheat germ oil (a couple of tablespoons) and a ripe avocado and cover the clean head of hair with the mask. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and rinse the mask away. Of course, the next step is to shampoo for squeaky clean hair.

10] Castor Oil

It’s been called the “cure all” in many households for decades. Castor oil is by far one of the best ways to grow hair faster and thicker.  The oil protects the strands because of the fatty acids and intense levels of vitamin E, so hair is less likely to fall out or break.

  1. Heat castor oil and coconut oil together, one or two spoons of each. Don’t have any coconut oil? This is fine, and castor oil is OK on its own. However, it’s thick.
  2. Part the hair and apply oils after they cool to the scalp. Massage them into your scalp.
  3. Comb the mixture or castor oil in the hair to help distribute it throughout the hair. It will also help to get the kinks out.
  4. Cover the head with a warm damp towel. Leave on one hour and shampoo like normal. Repeat weekly for thicker hair fast.

11] Eggs

Hair needs protein just like the rest of the body. If anyone wants to grow hair more quickly, then they should enjoy this protein hair care regime.

  1. Gather two eggs, maybe more providing the hair is extra long. Crack and beat the eggs together. While the hair is still wet, cover the strands with the eggs. Do something for a half hour and then wash with warm water. Shampoo out as well. Repeat once weekly or twice per week.
  2. Alternatively, mix one yolk with a tablespoon of essential or carrier oil(s) and a couple of tablespoons of water. Massage in the scalp, rinse and wash. Again, repeat weekly to grow hair faster, thicker and longer.

What vitamins are good for hair growth and thickness?

12] Olive Oil

Who wants body and long, thick hair? Well, the answer is obvious. Thousands of people want it, and they want it pretty quickly. Olive oil is one of the best remedies anyone can try. It will make the hair soft and strong at the same time. It’s simple to apply.

  1. Warm the olive oil, massage in when cool enough to touch for up to 45 minutes.
  2. Rinse out and shampoo or leave on while sleeping and shampoo first thing the following morning to speed up hair growth.
  3. Another idea is to mix honey with two tablespoons of olive oil. Leave on the hair for about 30 minutes and wash thoroughly.
  4. Make these applications twice per week.

How To Wash the Hair Properly

Many people wash their hair every day. This is the routine for people who have a considerable amount of oily buildup. There are ways to get less oily hair without washing. But, what about someone who is trying to grow hair fast? Doesn’t hair grow quicker if the scalp is clean?

  • Important: While the scalp should be free of debris, it’s important to note that over washing the hair could lead to damage. It strips the hair of its natural oils. The best advice is to try shampooing about three or four times per week.

Although balance will come, it will take a week or so for the hair to get used to this new regime. Do wash using cold water. Avoid hot water as we know that washing the hair with hot water causes a dry scalp. The hair will then become brittle and break off, so wash with cooler water only.

Black hair is ordinarily oily but doesn’t need washing as much as other cultures. Clean Black hair about once a month in the winter and twice monthly during the other seasons. Along with washing the hair, women should avoid brushing the hair when it’s wet.

Got a Month? Grow Hair Faster and Thicker

It doesn’t matter what gender a person is, they both want touchable, healthy hair.  In these days, natural, shiny hair is relevant to all cultures. Keeping the locks looking good means nourishing the hair.

Often, people prefer a natural remedy as opposed to a store-bought item for hair growth.  Vinegar, eggs, honey, olive and castor oils are excellent ingredients to add to a home recipe to remove split ends, grow hair faster and thicker in a month.

Remember, what we eat plays a significant role in how fast the hair grows and if it grows thick or not. Try adding vitamins by eating more of the right foods or take supplements.  Increase the chances of long, thick hair with a proper diet and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.  Not only is milk good for the body, but so does water improve hair growth. It helps the hair stay moist and hydrated.

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