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5 Bad Things That Happen When You Scratch Your Head Too Much

I can't stop scratching my head

In the moment, nothing feels better than alleviating an itchy spot on the scalp. Whether you scratch at it with your fingers, a comb, or even another object, getting that ‘right spot’ can feel like a huge relief. Unfortunately, that relief is only momentarily. The long-term damage you may be causing in the process when […]

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What’s the Best Way to Dry Hair Without Causing Damage?

Drying hair artificially can harm the hair and scalp

There are so many ways that we damage our hair on a daily basis. You might have heard that showering each day with hot water can cause a lot of harm. But, the drying process often gets ignored. Hair that isn’t dried properly can also become damaged, frizzy, and even start to break. So, what […]

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How to Repair Hair Breakage from Ponytails

does putting the hair in a ponytail cause damage?

Many things we do can cause damage to our hair. From the products, we use to heated tools, and even the way we style our locks can be a contributing factor. It’s easy to toss hair back into a ponytail. But, it can also cause a lot of damage. Ponytails are typically used as a […]

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5 DIY Hair Mask Ideas for Damaged Hair & Split Ends

Hair that's free from damage and split ends

Our hair goes through a lot on a daily basis. You could be doing something as part of your everyday routine that seriously harms your hair. Sometimes avoiding these issues is impossible. Thankfully, there are DIY hair mask ideas that can help to restore the health of your hair. Over-the-counter hair repair treatments have become […]

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50 Surprising Things That Are Seriously Damaging Your Hair And Scalp

How to avoid damaging the hair and scalp

We don’t often think about what might be affecting our hair on a daily basis. That is until we start noticing things like frizz, breakage, thinning hair, or even dandruff and flaking. Your hair and scalp are often good indicators of your overall health. Many things can affect the health of your hair in general, […]

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10 Vitamin-Rich Foods for a Healthier & Thicker Head of Hair

foods and vitamins for healthy-looking hair

A healthy scalp and thicker hair require great care. Part of your regimen for maintaining gorgeous, shiny locks must include eating nutritious food. For some, this may sound expensive. After all, foods in the health aisle often cost more, but that is not the case here. We will discuss natural foods that you will enjoy […]

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How to Get Shine Back in Your Hair

Woman with dark and shiny hair

If your hair looks dull and lifeless, it’s usually a sign of unhealthy hair and scalp. You can experience dry, dull hair for a variety of reasons, but most people are eager to add some shine back. Once you know why your hair is losing its luster, it’s easier to find the remedy. Some of […]

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6 Proven Ways of Removing a Yellow Buildup on the Scalp

How to get rid of a yellow buildup on scalp

Any time that we experience flaking, we assume that it’s either dandruff or dry skin. After scratching the scalp, we often notice a buildup that comes off and becomes lodged under our fingernails. There’s a difference between dandruff and a yellow buildup on the scalp. The biggest difference is the cause. Dandruff and dry skin flaking […]

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How to Deep Condition Hair with Argan Oil

Deep Conditioning the Hair with Argan Oil

Because of its restorative properties and benefits to the hair and scalp, argan oil is often referred to as “liquid gold.” It comes from the Moroccan argan tree. The oil is extracted, specifically for use on the hair and skin. Many people deep condition hair with argan oil because of its therapeutic qualities. It only […]

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How to Stop the Scalp from Peeling after Getting a Perm

my scalp is sore and painful after perm

Some people would do just about anything to get curls. Others who have naturally curly hair might prefer permanently straightening it. When you look for more permanent answers, you’ll likely either consider a perm or a relaxer. While they offer different results, they use similar processes that can, unfortunately, damage the hair and scalp. This can […]

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How to Recover from an Allergic Reaction to Hair Dye on Scalp

allergy after using dye to color hair

Any allergic reaction can be concerning for the person experiencing it. People tend to react in different ways to something that affects their body, and an allergic reaction to hair dye products is no different. Certain chemicals and compounds in some of the cosmetics we use every day can trigger reactions. Hair colorings are no exception. One […]

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How to Open Up Hair Follicles on the Scalp

Natural ways to clear clogged hair follicles

Typically, when we think of plugs in the skin, the first thing that comes to mind is clogged pores. Most of us know that clogged up pores can lead to pimples and acne. But, hair follicles can also become blocked. Like acne, if not properly treated, the problem can get worse quickly, and have some noticeable […]

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How to Remove Sebum Plugs from the Scalp

How to get rid of sebum plugs on scalp

Dealing with an oily scalp can be embarrassing and irritating. While there are several possible causes of a greasy and oily scalp, it’s always a good idea to look closely at what produces that oil in the first place. We all have sebaceous glands on the scalp. These glands produce natural, necessary oil, called sebum. Not only […]

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How to Stop Scratching Your Scalp (and Put an End to the Itchiness!)

How to Stop Scratching Your Scalp

Dealing with an itchy scalp can be incredibly annoying, and uncomfortable. No one wants to spend their time focused on that ‘itching’ feeling, especially if you’re unable to sleep at night. More importantly, however, no one wants to be scratching at their scalp all the time. If you find yourself with an itchy scalp, it’s […]

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