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What to Use for Dry Scalp when Nothing Else Works

can't get rid of dandruff tried everything?

Do you suffer from dry and flaky scalp? Or do you experience dandruff regularly? You may feel irritated or self-conscious about the condition of your scalp. The good news is that there many solutions for dry scalp when nothing else seems to be working for you. A persistently dry and flaky scalp can affect many […]

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Bumps on the Scalp That Itch: Main Causes & Treatments That Work

itchy bumps on scalp that won't go away

Do you have an itchy head? Is your scalp irritated and sore? Do you feel lumps and bumps occasionally? Unfortunately, these can be quite common. However, while many think that an itchy and bumpy scalp is a temporary problem that will clear up, it can, in fact, be something far more sinister. A severe and […]

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Why Do I Have a REALLY Dry Scalp Due to Stress and Anxiety?

Scalp conditions are often caused by psychological factors. Psychiatrists refer to this phenomenon as ‘Psychogenic Pruritus’ or ‘Psychogenic Itch.’ Unfortunately, people who have a really dry scalp are more likely to visit a dermatologist than a psychiatrist, so it is rarely diagnosed. Dermatological treatments rarely tackle the root cause of scalp disorders. For many, the […]

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How to EASILY Tell the Difference between Cradle Cap and Dry Scalp

what causes cradle cap?

There is a misconception that cradle cap and dry scalp is the same thing. That’s not the case. You can quickly ascertain if it’s cradle cap. Short Answer: You can tell if a baby has cradle cap due to its location. Cradle cap is an oily scalp condition that’s found on the child’s ‘soft spot’ […]

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How to Stop Compulsive Scalp Picking

‘Excoriation disorder’ is the medical term used to diagnose compulsive skin picking. People with this condition pick at the skin on their arms, legs, face, hands, torso and/or scalp. Approximately 5% of the population have excoriation disorder. A sizable proportion will be picking at the scalp. Scalp picking is a maladaptive behavior that provides a […]

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