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How to Get Shine Back in Your Hair

Woman with dark and shiny hair

If your hair looks dull and lifeless, it’s usually a sign of unhealthy hair and/or scalp. You can experience dry, dull hair for a variety of reasons, but most people are eager to add some shine back. Once you know why your hair is losing its luster, it’s easier to find the remedy. Some of […]

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How to Stop Hair from Going Frizzy

overnight treatments for frizzy hair

If you regularly experience frizzy, unmanageable hair, it can be embarrassing and irritating. It’s more of a common problem than you might think. Because of this, there are dozens of over-the-counter (OTC) solutions designed to help tame your hair. But, the best way to control frizzy hair is to figure out what’s causing it in […]

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Is a Scalp Massage Good for Hair Growth?

How to massage the scalp for better hair growth

There are many different solutions for preventing hair loss, or encouraging hair growth. It starts with the right kind of hair care routine, and taking care of your overall health. But, a scalp massage can also help to encourage hair growth. Think about the benefits of a massage. They are designed to increase blood flow […]

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7 Reasons Why the Scalp Hurts When Pressed or Combed

Why is there pain when I touch my scalp?

Some people have more sensitive skin than others. However, it’s never normal for you to feel pain when you touch your skin. If your scalp hurts when touched, pressed, or combed, there is likely to be an underlying issue that needed to be remedied. Tenderness of the scalp is a common issue, because there are […]

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6 Proven Ways of Removing a Yellow Buildup on the Scalp

How to get rid of a yellow buildup on scalp

Any time that we experience flaking, we assume that it’s either dandruff or dry skin. After scratching the scalp, we often notice a buildup that comes off and becomes lodged under our fingernails. There’s a difference between dandruff and a yellow buildup on the scalp. The biggest difference is the cause. Dandruff and dry skin flaking […]

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