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Dry Scalp Due to a Gluten Intolerance: How to Ease the Dryness Fast!

Celiac disease vs. gluten allergy

As a society, we are aware of food intolerances, and how they affect our lives. The last few years have seen a rise in the number of people getting tested for food intolerances. This has resulted in more people modifying their lifestyles to fit. One food ingredient which has been in the spotlight recently is […]

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Does Dry Shampoo Dry Out Your Scalp?

How to remove a dry shampoo buildup

Have you ever gotten an expensive hairdo and then had to wash it the next day because the scalp was too greasy? On the other hand, have you ever been in a position where washing the hair was not an option, but needed to look the best? Many people have been in your shoes. The […]

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Why Do I Have a Dry Scalp After Washing Hair?

My scalp is itchy and flaky after washing hair

A dry scalp can be annoying. It often leads to itching, and sometimes even flaking. You might think a remedy is to take a shower or shower more often. After all, more moisture makes sense, right? Unfortunately, washing your hair can have the opposite effect on your scalp. Showering and frequent washing can make it […]

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Do I Have a Dry Scalp Due to Thyroid Problems?

Hypothyroidism and an overly dry scalp

Health conditions, such as thyroid problems, can be the reason for a dry scalp. Thyroid disease of any kind can cause many different symptoms. Sometimes, it can even lead to hair loss. More commonly, though, it leads to irritation of the skin and dry scalp. Typically, you will experience other symptoms of a thyroid disorder. […]

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Will Listerine Stop Your Scalp from Feeling Itchy?

Can Listerine cure itchy scalp?

Listerine has been around for longer than you might think. In the beginning, it was marketed as a remedy for dandruff. This may come as a surprise, but it’s true. Still, today thousands of users believe in the power of this brand. Some people use it to treat dermatitis, to reduce inflammation and an itchy […]

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