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What is the Most Face Slimming Hair Color?

How to select a face slimming hair color

When you’re trying to decide on a different hair color, a lot of factors come into play. Most people want a color that perfectly complements their face. A large part of that decision is finding a face-slimming hair color. You’re probably aware that some haircuts can make your face look younger. But, did you know that […]

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Can Premature Gray Hair Be Reversed?

Can you prevent hair turning gray?

Premature graying of hair, also referred to as ‘canities,’ is a worrying prospect for many. Indeed, studies have shown that people tend to perceive gray hair as an unsettling and unattractive indicator of aging. While gray hair is correlated with aging, premature graying is a common experience. People whose hair turns gray in their 20’s […]

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Egg and Yogurt Hair Mask for Dandruff – a Step-by-Step Guide

Different types of anti-dandruff hair mask

There are many people who have dandruff, but getting rid of it can be really tough. It affects young people, old people, all races, men, and women. The good news is that an egg yogurt hair mask for dandruff can put a stop to the condition completely. Sufferers buy chemicals, they try natural cures and shampoos […]

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Best Dry Shampoos for Oily (Greasy) Hair (2018) – What Really Works?

What is Dry Shampoo and what does it do?

Are powders or aerosol-based sprays the best dry shampoo for greasy hair? Aerosols reach the root of your hair with a single spritz. Powders are considered to be messy and hit and miss for the roots. This could be why the majority of people surveyed prefer to use aerosols. With that said, there are still […]

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Which Hair Relaxers DON’T Burn or Damage the Hair and Scalp?

Why do relaxers burn?

Got a sensitive scalp? You’ll need a relaxer that won’t burn or damage the hair. You’ll need a formula especially created to provide an extra layer of protection. There are numerous factors which affect the strands each day so protecting the hair should be a no-brainer. Besides the elements, you have to think about daily […]

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