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How to Change Your Hair Texture (without Chemicals)!

how to change hair texture to silky

Ever found yourself experiencing hair envy? Maybe it was someone you just met or an Instagram influencer. You begin to wonder what products they’ve used to make their hair look so fabulous, and then you realize – you’re chemical-averse! We get it, finding natural treatments at a great price, is one of the most significant […]

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Why Has My Hair Texture Changed from Curly to Straight?

curly hair gone straight after haircut

You’ve probably come across many people who have straight hair and want curly hair. Then there’s another group that has curly hair but enjoys straightening it out. However, for some people, hair changes its texture and shape on its own – and it’s not just because of frequent styling or weather changes. So, if you’re […]

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6 Reasons Your Hair Won’t Hold Curls Anymore

why won't my hair curl with a curling iron?

Who isn’t longing for a full head of lustrous, curly locks these days? We get it, you want to jump on the textured, beachy hair bandwagon – but it’s just not happening. You split your hair into sections, take a complete half an hour working on your entire head, only to find that your curls […]

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What Will Happen If I Pluck Out White Hair?

if you pull out a hair will it grow back?

When you see white hair, you immediately give yourself two options: pluck it or ignore it! This is mainly because of the commonly held belief that if you do pluck it, you’ll have to prepare for three more white hairs growing its place. So does white hair multiply when plucked? The answer is no. As […]

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How to Keep Purple Hair Color from Fading for Weeks Longer

best shampoo for purple color treated hair

We can’t think of anything better than that, just out of the salon, new hair experience. Your hair looks lustrous, smooth, shiny and oh, so perfect. But, there’s a reason most colored hair doesn’t stand the test of time. Without the right amount of TLC, dyed hair can look dull, brittle and flat within just […]

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