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18 Proven Ways to Get Less Greasy Hair without Washing

Put a stop to oily hair fast

Some people tend to be more prone to greasy hair than others. This can be a result of a scalp that produces more oils, the products we choose, our environment, or the lifestyle choices we make. No matter what the cause for your greasy, oily hair, we can all agree on one thing: No one […]

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Best Professional Flat Iron for Thick Hair: An In-Depth Buyer’s Guide

TurboIon Croc Classic Straightener Review

If you’re someone who has lots of thick, lustrous hair, a flat iron will probably be a valuable part of your beauty kit. A good flat iron can tame your thick locks with ease, reducing frizz and helping you create truly flattering styles. If you don’t have time for a lengthy blow dry, and you […]

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Hair Roots Don’t Match the Rest of Hair? Fixes for Hair Dying Mistakes!

Hair color doesn't match the roots

Dying your hair at home seems to be the quickest, easiest, and cheapest option. There are so many at-home hair dye kits you can buy these days, whether you want an all-over tint, an ombre look or just to touch up your roots. But what happens when your home dye efforts go wrong? If you’ve […]

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What Are the Best Hair Colors for People with Blue Eyes?

Blue eyes and hair colors

Did you know that just 8% of the world’s population has blue eyes? You may not have realized that this trait was so uncommon, but if you’re lucky enough to have blue eyes, you’re in a small subset of humans with this unique eye color. No matter what eye color you have, choosing a hair […]

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What Is The Best Hair Straightener On The Market?

GHD Professional Original 1-Inch Styler Review

Are you one of the many people out there who couldn’t go without their beloved hair straighteners? These simple hair styling tools have become an essential part of daily grooming routines for women (and men) all over the world. Trying to style hair without a flat iron when you’ve become so accustomed to it can […]

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